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Possibilities for Reentry to the U.S. After Deportation

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Possibilities for Reentry to the U.S. After Deportation

Going to another country with the motive of immigration or visiting is a hassle. A lot of things need to be looked at beforehand in order to cope with the consequences. You need to be prepared to face anything. It could be good or bad things coming your way. If you travel to the USA with the motive of staying there, it has to be done through a process. However, fate does not play along. The worst-case scenario; you get deported. Now the question arises: “Can you can come back once you get deported?”

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Reasons for Deportation

The USA takes these immigration and deportation matters very seriously. Deportation occurs due to one of these reasons:

  • The person violated the terms of their immigration agreement.
  • Being charged with a serious offense that goes against the laws of the society and the Government of USA.
  • The immigrant failed to cope with the US authorities regarding his or her immigration status. Or he/she may have submitted forged documents.
  • Posing a threat to the society and the Government is one of the biggest reason immigrants get deported. It also includes terrorist activities and involvement.

Is It Possible To Reenter The US After Deportation?

Once a person gets deported, it is difficult that the US would allow him or her to enter again. But it is not impossible. Just like there are loose ends in a perfectly knit sweater, there are some in the process of immigration and deportation to the USA. Even though you get deported, the possibility is that you still have a valid passport.

Know the Length of Your Deportation Time

Your deportation time depends on the intensity of your committed crime or the reason behind violating the law. The first thing you need to figure out is how to get a visa after being deported. People usually get deported for a time period of 5, 10, 20 or a lifetime. If you get a short period before you can reenter the US, it is in your favor to apply for the Visa again as soon as the time of your deportation is near. Applying for a visa after deportation might be tricky.

Be Organized – Keep all Your Documentation

It will be necessary for you to keep the records at their ease and your hassle. You will be interviewed more critically than other candidates will. American embassy would make sure that the person does not intend to portray any harm to the society or the government. However, as mentioned before, you need to be prepared for the consequences. You need to ask yourself what happens if you get deported and come back? The chances are that you would be kept under strict surveillance. You must be asked to report back and forth to them so they get to keep a close eye on your activities. Moreover, the would require you to work and it is highly likely that the job assigned by them would not be up to the previous position you were working in. In addition to that, the residence issue might also pop up once you come back after deportation. It is advisory to run a background check into the matters, thoroughly.

Weigh Your Options and Risks

Can a deported person come back legally by marrying a citizen? One way of re-entering the US is through marrying a US citizen. In most cases, a person who is married to US citizen  is eligible to enter the US after deportation but there is a process to undergo when it comes to matters like these. The deported person needs to get an attorney on his or her side. With the assigned attorney, a waiver of inadmissibility must be applied for. It contains the details of both the married pupils. This is probably one of the easiest and yet hardest ways to reenter the USA after you have been put in the deported list.

It is necessary to note that deported immigrants can return to America after their deportation but it takes patience and time. If not taken slowly and one step at a time, things might turn the other way. In extreme cases, the Government gets involved and may lead to severe punishments like jail and being permanently barred from entering the US. Lastly, illegal reentry after deportation is also one way to ponder on. It does come with its risks and as mentioned earlier. Also, it may lead to severe punishment with no escape.

To sum up, being careful in these matters is highly advised. Do not forget to run a thorough check on the options available to you as these matters tend to cause serious trouble.



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10 Best Places to Live in the U.S.


10 Best Places to Live in the U.S.

One of the most visited and immigrated countries in the world is the United States of America. The country enjoys a handful of attention from immigrants all over the globe.  Before moving to the USA, you need to know the best cities to live in the USA. Having an idea before you decide to settle is a better way to cope with the consequences to come. It helps you gain an insight into the country that you are going in. Plus, you need to look at all the aspects of a city before you decide to settle there. Here is a list of 10 best places to live and work in the US.

Washington DC

10 Best Places to Live in the U.S.

1. Washington, D.C.

With great job opportunity and the third largest migrated city, Washington enjoys a prominent position as the country’s capital. A wonderful city to maintain a posh lifestyle with a reasonable income. According to the residents, the city was ranked as the best city to live and work in the US. Moreover, due to its strong infrastructure, the city enjoys a position that no other country competes in.

2. Salt Lake City.

Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the US, Salt Lake City enjoys a position as Utah’s capital. It is bordered with Salt Lake and snow-covered peaks. The picturesque beauty of the city attracts a number of migrants towards itself. Many residents prefer this city over any other in the whole US just because of its beauty and the mesmerizing suburbs.

3. Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Located at the eastern foot of the Colorado state, the Colorado Springs is a city that lies near the glaciers of the forest. The greenery in the area is a specialty. With its greenery, the weather tends to stay at equilibrium. It is also known to be the best warm state in the US. Moreover, the job market is Colorado Springs is strong.  

4. San Antonio, Texas.

In the last years, San Antonio has experienced a growth of 6.7percent in its migration sector. People from within and outside the country tend to take it as an option due to its need to the job market and professional workers. Moreover, the city has its roots in the culture through film screens and exhibitions. It is also famous for wine lovers. Sports and related events are celebrated with pomp in the city.

5. Hawaii

If you are a free soul and love beaches, what a better than Hawaii? People living in Hawaii describe it as a vacation of life. If you are fun loving and desiring to live on your own terms, then Hawaii is your place. It suits the people who are willing to take a risk in life.

6. Nashville, Tennessee

In the past, the city of Nashville has been a preference of the immigrants who perceived and regarded it as a ‘feeling’. Located in Tennesse, Nashville holds the famous places like country music hall and Grand Ole Opry (Home of radio). The transportation and living cost is lower than that of the other cities.

7. Portland, Oregon.

Portland has been growing constantly due to its immigrant attention. The job market is healthy and requires new people to come and work for them. Since Portland is famous for the parks and bridges, the city portrays a friendly invitation to the expecting residents. For families, Portland is a preferred city. The education system has its roots deep. Moreover, the city enjoys the movie, theatre, and arts on a vast scale

8. Detroit, Michigan

The city of the state of Michigan is famous for its sports and art institutes. People who are in their immigration process and need to look for a place that serves them best in terms of their creativity, this is the place. Detroit was also the birthplace of Motown Records.

9. Austin, Texas.

Regarded as the top most desirable city to move to, Austin enjoys the attention of many expecting residents. The capital of Texas has been showing real growth in the industry, especially in the tech sector. It stands number one in all the cities of US to immigrate to. Moreover, the job market situation is stable and attracts a healthy lifestyle for the people who have an interest in coming to the US. In addition, Austin is famous for its pools, parks, music, and seasonal festivals.

10. Seattle.

The city of Seattle is ranked amongst one of the 10 most desirable cities in the Country. The high demand for jobs in the city makes it one of the best places to live and work at the same time. Many famous pupils as Kurt Cobain and Chris Cornell were from were from in Seattle.



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10 Best Tourist Attractions in the USA

best tourist attractions in the usa

10 Best Tourist Attractions in the USA

The USA is a large country, which includes of 50 states, and each of them is considered to be a decent choice to visit for every tourist. There are various options for any traveler to visit, according to his or her needs and preferences: some prefer historical and architectural sites, while others go for scenic beauty. Below we have listed top ten sites that include a mixture of both these categories that are recommended to everyone to visit. So, let’s start!

1.   Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is one of the most visited sites and one of the best tourist places in the USA that is naturally formed lining with the Colorado River. It is cut into an amazing landscape that mesmerizes every visitor. You can look down to the canyon just a mile deep while also looking at the cliffs spread out at far distances.

2. Niagara Falls

Between the US-Canada Border is situated the world-famous Niagara Falls, which is originated from the Erie Lake from Ontario, and falls as these massive waterfalls. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world,thus, if you have a chance to visit this unique and breathtaking place, then take the opportunity of it.

3. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of peace and freedom, which marks the significance of America and is the largest statue icon in the world. It is 152 feet tall and stands in the New York Harbor’ and is visible from various parts of the city or even take a ferry ride to the statue. For witnessing the statue, there are several tickets, which permit different kinds of access to different parts of the site.

4.   White House

White House was built by James Hoban in the late eighteenth century, but after the attack of British Forces it was rebuilt in the 19th century and since then it has been the official resident of every president of United States. The White House offers free tours, but only on 3 weeks prior to reservations because of security measures.

5.   Yellowstone National Park

This park is the oldest park in the history of the USA. It consists of ancient volcanic landscapes including geysers, hot spring water etc. There is also an amazing waterfall along the riverside. This park is one of the biggest United States tourist attractions and it is a home to wildlife, which is free to roam, including black and grizzly bears.

6. Times Square

Times Square is the most metropolitan area of the world that gives you an unique experience of the rush of the world along with lights and billboards all over the place. It is best at night because of the flashing lights and colors. The intersection gives you the aesthetic dose with the cabs rushing by and flashing colors over the place and reflections of lights.

7.   Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the finest works of architecture that goes over the San Francisco Bay, the golden orange color of the bridge contrasting with the blue sea. It is being considered California’s biggest attraction since its production in the early 20th century. The Bridge is one of the finest architectural examples and the best engineering samples in the US.

8.   Waikiki

The Hawaiian Islands are uspopular for clear water and beaches, and one of these beaches that joins the city closely is Waikiki. This is one of the most popular beaches to relax and enjoy the sun and the water.

9.   Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas famous strip is the dupe of New York skyline including other wonders of the world such as Eiffel Tower, Venice Canals and many other foreign sites. These US tourist attractions can be seen for free in Las Vegas along with their signature stage shows. There are performances of world famous singers and dancers, which are a fascination for many tourists.

10.   National Mall and Memorial Parks

The National Mall and Memorial Parks are a unit of the National Park Service that holds the responsibility of the nation important and historic landmark. This park is spread over almost 1000 acres and includes the memorials of Washington, Lincoln, Vietnam War Veterans etc. Millions of people are recorded to visit this Park every year to witness nature and historical memorials.



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The Fall of U.S. Tourism

Statue of Liberty New York

The Fall of U.S. Tourism

Tourism industry all around the world is flourishing. More and more countries are in competition. The United States is actually lagging behind and, what is more, it is even facing a decline in tourism business. This is an alarming situation for the US in terms of its popularity as well as the economy. The lesser the tourists in the US, the more people reach out to other countries and develop a good name for them. This is worrisome for the government, tourism, travel and retail companies in the US. International tourists prefer other countries and enjoy spending their money there. It leads to even lesser tourism and economy in America.

Strict VISA Standards

A large portion of tourism companies faced major loss, which is why the United States Government launched a Coalition to request the Government authorities to support their needs and save them from any further disaster that may come in the upcoming years.

  • This unfortunate wave of falling tourism in USA started from early 2017 when the United States themselves permitted only 40 million international tourists, which were a lot less than previous years. This is a worrying situation for the economy of the United States, which already needs assistance, and are now losing a part of it, which they earned through tourism.
  • There is also the very strict list of terms and conditions for tourists who want to visit the US, such as no liquid policy, laptop ban, and even some social media accounts for VISA, which makes it inevitably disturbing to the tourists who want to come to America. This is one of the major points why US tourism is falling.

Growing Economy and Competition among the World

While United States tourism is declining, the competition around the world is increasing more than ever. Countries are dedicating their efforts to refine their economies and make their tourism industry better so that the economy of the country can rise up. People all around the world plan to go to smaller countries which scenic sites so it also stays on their budget, rather than spending dollars in the States.
According to the reports of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, a total number of 1.32 billion people travelled in the last year (2017-2018) which is the most number of tourists than almost a decade. All continents have reported an increase in the tourism industry, whereas the US tourism industry is failing to keep its ground. The tourism and travel company executives stress about the US market stocks and shares because of lesser arrival of tourists and less expenditure in the US.

Trump’s Influence on Tourism

The most important factor that influenced the decline of tourism in the US is the influence of Donald Trump. He banned the permit of many Muslim countries and blocked their citizens to travel to the US. This fueled a fire around the world regarding the decision making and hospitality of the United States Government. Although Trump tried to validate his ban because of terrorism and threats to the US, people all around the world were automatically discouraged to travel to a country that has unfair bans. The fun part about the situation is that even after this ban if any time the US faced any terrorism act, it was never on part of the banned countries.

Due to this, the United States is one of the only two countries that faces a drop in tourism just behind Turkey, whereas all other countries have reported an increase. The reason for Turkey remains the same as well; they choose their tourists rather than lowering their strict guards and accommodating tourists. Turkey doesn’t ban any country but chooses its tourists. Along with few travelers, automatically the expenditure also reduced by 3 percent that is equal to 4.6 billion dollars, according to Commerce reports. International tourists are extremely important for the economy of a country as they spend on hotels, food, and retailers in a country. If there are less or no tourists, the economy faced a major loss of money, which cannot be equaled any other way.



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5 Things You Should Know Before Travelling To The USA

Travelling To The USA

5 Things You Should Know Before Travelling To The USA

Travelling has been known to be one of the greatest passions around the world. It takes people to places that they want to go. They are either attracted by the mesmerizing beauty or some other motive. The US has had pretty vast attractions for the tourists. America is right now one of the most visited countries in the world. Every year, the country generates huge revenue from their tourism sector. Even though there are exceptions to the visas allotted by the US Government but mostly, people do get a visit visa for a certain period of time.

When travelling to the USA, there are some aspects that go unnoticed in certain cases. These are the tips that one must ponder upon before travelling. Digging a little about the country you’re travelling is safe.

Here are the five things that you should know before travelling to America:

US Visas

American Visas are hard to get. The US makes a fuss about it and you can’t help but apply again. Before travelling, make sure you’re aware of your visa situation. Travelling to the USA means you’re going to play by its rules. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) is a temporary visa that allows certain country citizens to come and stay for lesser than 90 days. It is necessary to get authorization beforehand.

There are three types of visas: visit, temporary and permanent. Even though visit visa is the easiest to get, it gets rejected all the time. Make sure you do it right and make no mistakes. Also, apply immediately after it gets rejected the first time.


The transportation is the US is costly. Travelling to the USAmeans you do not own a vehicle of your own in the country. If you’re a person who wants to travel from state to state, then flights are the most economical way to cope with the transportation expenses. Trains can be expensive so be careful and check the prices.. The most appropriate would be to rent a car. You can easily get rent cars in America which provide comfort. Within the city center, For frequent use, people tend to the subway go for subways or taxis, paying a dollar or two more. The buses are also convenient for moving in the city or inthe downtown.

Vastness and People

The distance and population are probably growing parallel to each other. In 2015, New York was the third largest city with the highest population in the world. In America, you’ll notice that people keep to themselves and do not really interfere in your matters. Also, make sure to visit the states which are known to be beautiful. All the cities are mostly big in aspects of area and population.

Make sure to carry money

If you’re taking a trip to USA with the idea that it won’t cost much, you’re mistaken. There are areas where you need to have both, cash and credit card. New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles are amongst the most expensive cities in the USA. You’ll come across huge shopping malls, the street food carts, amusement parks, clubs, casinos, fine dining in and much more! For all this, it’s better to have cash in hand and in your bank account. Do consume it wisely for it never stays in your hands. It’s better to keep a weekly record of how you spent your money or how you’re going to spend it.

Food – the best part

When you’re traveling to USA, make sure to add food to your list of most exciting things to experience. The cuisines, street food, cultural dishes, fast food, fine dine in with all the great taste that you could ever want! Look for places in the city that you’re staying. Even though the clubs are expensive, they are worth visiting. While you’re at it, it’s a polite courtesy to tip your waiter.  So, do inquire about the percent that has to be given as a tip.

We hope the article was helpful in preparing you for travelling to USA and things you must be prepared for.



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