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Red flags in your TN visa application

Your application for a TN visa can raise red flags and lead to heightened scrutiny. The most common red flags are: 1. Mismatched application – This can be the result of a lack of exact match between your degree, the … Continue reading

29. January 2009 by patrick
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Non-immigrant Intent for TN visa

A Canadian citizen’s admission to the U.S. under a TN visa is a temporary entry – entry without the intent to establish permanent residence. The TN visa is treated as one of the regular non-immigrant visa. You will be subject … Continue reading

19. January 2009 by patrick
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Applying for TN without a degree – Scientific Technician

Applying as a Scientific Technician/Technologist is one method of getting a TN visa without a degree. The other is to apply as a management consultant. To get a TN visa as a Scientific Technician/Technologist, you must provide proof of: (a) … Continue reading

13. January 2009 by patrick
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