5 Things You Should Know Before Travelling To The USA

5 Things You Should Know Before Travelling To The USA

Travelling has been known to be one of the greatest passions around the world. It takes people to places that they want to go. They are either attracted by the mesmerizing beauty or some other motive. The US has had pretty vast attractions for the tourists. America is right now one of the most visited countries in the world. Every year, the country generates huge revenue from their tourism sector. Even though there are exceptions to the visas allotted by the US Government but mostly, people do get a visit visa for a certain period of time.

When travelling to the USA, there are some aspects that go unnoticed in certain cases. These are the tips that one must ponder upon before travelling. Digging a little about the country you’re travelling is safe.

Here are the five things that you should know before travelling to America:

US Visas

American Visas are hard to get. The US makes a fuss about it and you can’t help but apply again. Before travelling, make sure you’re aware of your visa situation. Travelling to the USA means you’re going to play by its rules. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) is a temporary visa that allows certain country citizens to come and stay for lesser than 90 days. It is necessary to get authorization beforehand.

There are three types of visas: visit, temporary and permanent. Even though visit visa is the easiest to get, it gets rejected all the time. Make sure you do it right and make no mistakes. Also, apply immediately after it gets rejected the first time.


The transportation is the US is costly. Travelling to the USAmeans you do not own a vehicle of your own in the country. If you’re a person who wants to travel from state to state, then flights are the most economical way to cope with the transportation expenses. Trains can be expensive so be careful and check the prices.. The most appropriate would be to rent a car. You can easily get rent cars in America which provide comfort. Within the city center, For frequent use, people tend to the subway go for subways or taxis, paying a dollar or two more. The buses are also convenient for moving in the city or inthe downtown.

Vastness and People

The distance and population are probably growing parallel to each other. In 2015, New York was the third largest city with the highest population in the world. In America, you’ll notice that people keep to themselves and do not really interfere in your matters. Also, make sure to visit the states which are known to be beautiful. All the cities are mostly big in aspects of area and population.

Make sure to carry money

If you’re taking a trip to USA with the idea that it won’t cost much, you’re mistaken. There are areas where you need to have both, cash and credit card. New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles are amongst the most expensive cities in the USA. You’ll come across huge shopping malls, the street food carts, amusement parks, clubs, casinos, fine dining in and much more! For all this, it’s better to have cash in hand and in your bank account. Do consume it wisely for it never stays in your hands. It’s better to keep a weekly record of how you spent your money or how you’re going to spend it.

Food – the best part

When you’re traveling to USA, make sure to add food to your list of most exciting things to experience. The cuisines, street food, cultural dishes, fast food, fine dine in with all the great taste that you could ever want! Look for places in the city that you’re staying. Even though the clubs are expensive, they are worth visiting. While you’re at it, it’s a polite courtesy to tip your waiter.  So, do inquire about the percent that has to be given as a tip.

We hope the article was helpful in preparing you for travelling to USA and things you must be prepared for.



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