Entering the U.S: Documents Required for Foreign Nationals

Entering the U.S: Documents Required for Foreign Nationals

Travelling has been known to be one of the greatest passions around the world. It takes people to places that they long to go. America is right now one of the most visited countries in the world. The US has had pretty vast attractions for its tourists. Every year the country generates huge revenue from the tourism sector. Even though there are exceptions to the visas allotted by the US Government but mostly, people do get a visit visa for a certain period of time.

Before travelling to the US, there are certain requirements that the US embassy requires you to fulfill in order to get the visa. The US entry requirements are necessary to check off a list otherwise one might face consequences, especially if it’s a “B2” visitor visa, the whole documentation and qualification process must be thoroughly gone through once. For more appropriate feedback, the travelling person could ask a person who has already travelled to US. People who need a visa to enter America got through a whole process and for that, the documents needed to travel to USA  are discussed below.

Mandatory Documents

  • An application form (DS 160 for non-immigrant visas or DS 260 for immigrant visas)
  • A passport
  • Two photographs as per requirements
  • Paid visa fee to be able to schedule an interview

Supporting Documents

  • Sponsorship Documents

The applicants who are applying on someone’s guarantee are required to provide a sponsorship document. A person sponsoring from America promises that this person would behave as per the law. Also, the sponsoring person is answerable for any mischief created by the traveler. These sponsorship documents are either sent by friends or family or in some cases, colleagues.

  • Family Documents

The details of your family members and their related documents are necessary. The US Embassy asks you to submit the photographs, their marital status, birth certificates, and a whole family tree. If a person is applying with your spouse, they require you to proof that you are married. The number of children is also specified in the documentation with their details.

  • Previous Visas

If you have visited any place before, it is wise to take your passport for supporting your claim of travelling. This shows  the US government that the applying candidate would return as he or she did previously. Also, the passport validity to enter US must be kept in mind. A passport should be valid for at least 6 more months.

  • Property/Assets Documents

The property that you own and your assets must be detailed in a document. Since this is  a supporting document any discrepancy in properties can lead to rejection of the visa.

  • Prior US Visit Documents

If you have visited the US before, it is recommended to take the previous documents along. This includes the photographs taken as well along with the Passport and other details.

  • An Invitation Letter for Visitor Visa

If you’re visiting the US on an invitation by a person or an institute or a job offer, make sure you submit that as well. It provides a proof to the US Government that you will not be visiting for a shorter while and also, you have some engagement there.

  • Medical Assurance Certificate

When you’re travelling to any country, it is necessary that you get yourself checked and assured by a certified doctor. This is to show you are fit to travel and not carrying any disease into the USA. If you are a patient and on medication, do keep a document for the record.

You can have all the documents right and still be rejected but it is worth it. If you get rejected the first time, apply immediately the time next. It saves a lot of discrepancies. Also, the consular officer would gauge a person on the basis of the interview. If you’re travelling on visit visa, the officer would want the assurance that you only intend to travel for the mentioned time and not more than that. With this, he or she would take a brief look at your previous documents and ask questions about family to predict your loyalty to your home country. This gives them the satisfaction the person applying for America would definitely return.  



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