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Can I work as a W2 or 1099 on a TN Visa?

First, some quick clarifications: A W2 makes you an employee of a company and the employer deducts various taxes from your paycheck. A 1099 is an independent contractor (similar to Corp to Corp) and you are paid the gross amount … Continue reading

17. February 2009 by roger
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7 TN Visa Requirements for Nurses You Must Know

The TN visa is designated for a category of professionals listed under the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”), and is only available for citizens of NAFTA countries (Mexico and Canada). Registered nurses are also on the list of approved … Continue reading

05. December 2008 by patrick
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How to Get a Green Card with a 3 Year TN Visa

The TN visa is a no dual intent visa which means that you are entering the United States to work temporarily and do not intend to settle down permanently in the United States. But there is no restriction on you … Continue reading

29. November 2008 by patrick
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