The Fall of U.S. Tourism

The Fall of U.S. Tourism

Tourism industry all around the world is flourishing. More and more countries are in competition. The United States is actually lagging behind and, what is more, it is even facing a decline in tourism business. This is an alarming situation for the US in terms of its popularity as well as the economy. The lesser the tourists in the US, the more people reach out to other countries and develop a good name for them. This is worrisome for the government, tourism, travel and retail companies in the US. International tourists prefer other countries and enjoy spending their money there. It leads to even lesser tourism and economy in America.

Strict VISA Standards

A large portion of tourism companies faced major loss, which is why the United States Government launched a Coalition to request the Government authorities to support their needs and save them from any further disaster that may come in the upcoming years.

  • This unfortunate wave of falling tourism in USA started from early 2017 when the United States themselves permitted only 40 million international tourists, which were a lot less than previous years. This is a worrying situation for the economy of the United States, which already needs assistance, and are now losing a part of it, which they earned through tourism.
  • There is also the very strict list of terms and conditions for tourists who want to visit the US, such as no liquid policy, laptop ban, and even some social media accounts for VISA, which makes it inevitably disturbing to the tourists who want to come to America. This is one of the major points why US tourism is falling.

Growing Economy and Competition among the World

While United States tourism is declining, the competition around the world is increasing more than ever. Countries are dedicating their efforts to refine their economies and make their tourism industry better so that the economy of the country can rise up. People all around the world plan to go to smaller countries which scenic sites so it also stays on their budget, rather than spending dollars in the States.
According to the reports of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, a total number of 1.32 billion people travelled in the last year (2017-2018) which is the most number of tourists than almost a decade. All continents have reported an increase in the tourism industry, whereas the US tourism industry is failing to keep its ground. The tourism and travel company executives stress about the US market stocks and shares because of lesser arrival of tourists and less expenditure in the US.

Trump’s Influence on Tourism

The most important factor that influenced the decline of tourism in the US is the influence of Donald Trump. He banned the permit of many Muslim countries and blocked their citizens to travel to the US. This fueled a fire around the world regarding the decision making and hospitality of the United States Government. Although Trump tried to validate his ban because of terrorism and threats to the US, people all around the world were automatically discouraged to travel to a country that has unfair bans. The fun part about the situation is that even after this ban if any time the US faced any terrorism act, it was never on part of the banned countries.

Due to this, the United States is one of the only two countries that faces a drop in tourism just behind Turkey, whereas all other countries have reported an increase. The reason for Turkey remains the same as well; they choose their tourists rather than lowering their strict guards and accommodating tourists. Turkey doesn’t ban any country but chooses its tourists. Along with few travelers, automatically the expenditure also reduced by 3 percent that is equal to 4.6 billion dollars, according to Commerce reports. International tourists are extremely important for the economy of a country as they spend on hotels, food, and retailers in a country. If there are less or no tourists, the economy faced a major loss of money, which cannot be equaled any other way.



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