What to do if your TN Visa Application is Rejected

You’ve always wanted to work in the United States and you always dreamt of moving to the United States on a TN visa. So when you finally get a job offer from an employer in the United States, you decide it’s time to pack up and move to the United States. So you drive to the border and present your papers to the Immigration Officer at the border post. The officer goes through your papers and then rejects your TN visa application.
You have been denied a TN visa. Is this the end of your dream of working in the United States? No. You can still work in the United States and that too on a TN visa.

Most TN visa denials are on merits – improper TN category, inadequate qualifications, evidence of immigrant intent, etc. The officer will verbally provide the reasons for the denial and simply you away. No formal record or statement will be given to you. The officer will make an entry into the database reflecting your attempted application and the reasons for the refusal. So the next time you apply again for a TN visa or any other visa to enter the United States, this will show up on the screen of the officer who deals with your visa application. In some cases, the officer may give you an opportunity to withdraw your application. If you are given this opportunity, you should take it. If you withdraw your application, you are not considered formally removed. This will make it easier for you to reapply.

If your application was verbally rejected or you availed of the opportunity to withdraw your application, you can still reapply for a TN visa. But you need to be more careful with your application the second time. There is no guarantee that you will succeed the second time. Your chance of success decreases as the number of denials increase.

If your TN visa application has been rejected, follow the steps in the article “What If You Get Denied Your TN1 Visa“.

You should consider contacting an experienced immigration attorney who can help you with your application. When you reapply for a TN visa, your new application must address the shortcomings of your earlier application.

The TN Visa Application Kit explains this situation and provides sample TN letters for a rejected TN Visa Application.

Also, an experienced immigration attorney can examine the grounds for your denial and will be able to understand the reasons why your application was rejected in the first place and can help you get your TN visa successfully.

Consult a qualified immigration attorney to reapply for your TN visa


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