Where are the Jobs? – Part One

The healthcare industry is strong right now compared to other industries, but medical units are not quarantined from budget cuts. Are you prepared to demonstrate to a new facility the benefits of hiring your nursing care? It is smart to be prepared for new opportunities in healthcare.  Hire our professional resume service to help you. We have written resumes for nurses in an array of specialities; nurses returning to work, new nurses, nurses who have worked at only one facility, and nurses eager to care for patients in a new speciality!

We believe a nurse is a professional who is ardently there when the ill require compassionate, safe, and competent care. What do you believe?  What is the message your resume conveys? Is your resume modern with visual appeal? Is it concise or repetitive and boring? Have you promoted achievements or just job descriptions? Does your resume reflect how well you manage, juggle, and prioritize patient case loads based on acuity? Can your new employer decipher how well you have collaborated with other nurses and physicians? How your critical skills and interventions save lives? Do you have preceptor experience? Are you competent at coordinating the administration of advanced medications? Knowledgeable in the provisions of direct patient care?

Don’t submit a resume like all others. Repeating your job descriptions under every title is not the answer, even in nursing! Make sure your resume is a marketing tool that advertises how you will improve the convalescence of patients under your care.At this point in the travel nursing process you will be asked to submit a travel nursing resume. Some travel nursing companies will write your resume for you; either based on the information you supply on a resume you have already written or you list on your application. A good resume is very important for a travel nurse. The competition for travel nursing jobs can be intense for the really good locations and hospitals so you want to make sure you stand out. The style is important (and may even be changed to match the company’s look anyway), but nowhere near as much as the information on it and making sure it is presented in a clear and easy to follow format. Some of the key information every good travel nursing resume should have includes:

* All certifications,
* All licensures,
* Locations of previous work history
* Complete start and stop dates
* Job type (travel assignment, perm, PRN, contract)
* Any degrees you may hold
* Locations of any school/college you attended
* Dates you attended those schools

Overall the biggest ingredient to a good resume is attention to detail and thoroughness. If you have those two aspects handled you will have a winning resume.  Check back this week for the second part of this series on Where are the Jobs – Creating A Winning Resume!

Job Search

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Stay tuned for the next article in the series.



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