Can one secure the new TN and then resign and give the 2-week notice period to the old employer? If not, one has to choose which poison pill to swallow. (1) quit current job,work through the notice period and then apply for the new TN with new employer (2) get the new TN, inform the old employer (NO NOTICE PERIOD!!!)

When I called CBP, the officer said that they would take away the old I94 and I would need to stop working for the old employer the moment I get the new TN. He also said that it doesn't help even if the effective date on the new petition letter was two weeks later: they always let the TN to start from application date at the border (not the effective date indicated on the petition letter).

But I've heard the opposite on many discussion forums. Any insight/experience would be appreciated.

asked 07 Oct '13, 03:30

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Switching jobs is a common scenario and with the TN Visa it is very easy to do. As a TN Visa holder you are allowed to hold multiple TNs and hence multiple jobs. The Officer may not realize this. One can get the new TN while still holding their current job and then quit their old job after 2weeks.

good luck!


answered 15 Jul '14, 13:19

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