So me and my fiance met online. We are truly inlove and we are even setting up the wedding date, location, etc. We have sent each other letters and have an genuine intent to marry one another. We have the messages to back it up. However, will this one little detail of never having seen one another physically mess up the chances of the fiance visa being successful? Or will they overlook this detail especially if I meet all the others? The requirement on the information for the K1 visa said they will overlook this detail depending on the reasons, I would just like to have an idea of which kinds of reasons.

asked 25 Jun '14, 23:35

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In order for them to "overlook" it there would have to be some sort of extreme circumstances.


answered 01 Jul '14, 11:42

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Thank you for answering. Would being (or was being) a full- time student with out a job (which is true) a good enough reason?

(01 Jul '14, 17:45) azlou88

No, full-time student of out of job is not a good enough reason. The K1 visa has strict requirements and showing how you meet them is important.


answered 15 Jul '14, 13:10

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If you dont go over there to her country and see her and take photos of it they will deny your application for fiance visa - you dont have a choice really.


answered 28 Jul '14, 17:56

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