My girlfriend is a Canadian and I am an American (we met while working abroad in Europe) - we are not married nor engaged. She has been living with me and working in the US for about 7 months on TN status, which she got with no problems last December at the airport for a 3-year period with a valid job offer letter.

Last August, before she got her TN status, I had gone to visit her and had a bag of her clothes in my car while crossing into the USA that I was bringing so she could avoid baggage check fees when she flew out to visit me a couple weeks later. CBP became suspicious about the clothing and asked me whose they were. When I told them, they subsequently denied the item entry citing immigration reasons - luckily I have a friend in the Canadian border city with whom I was able to leave the bag. I have since crossed back and forth at the same port of entry one time with no issue, and she has also flown back and forth across the border with no problems... but we have never done it together.

We are planning on driving to Canada to visit friends this weekend, and crossing back into the US together in my car. Is it a bad idea to cross the border in a car together? Does she run the risk of having her TN status revoked due to perceived immigration intent, given that I will be with her and the potential flag on my record? Would it be prudent to just get her a Greyhound ticket for the border crossing?

Thank you for your advice!

asked 02 Jul '14, 12:08

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The TN Status is a temporary status and at the time of applying the intention should be to eventually return to one's home country. Dating an American does not mean her intention is now to be permanently in the US, but can be looked upon with scrutiny. When she applies for her next TN, she may need to be careful esp. if she intends to marry you. In your situation this summer showing ties to Canada is important.


answered 07 Jul '14, 13:33

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