You qualify for the TN visa.
Read below to learn what to do next.

How to Start
Your TN Visa Application

If you do these 3 things you will be able to complete your TN Visa Application easily.


Next Steps:
What to do now?

Now you must take the correct next steps to apply for the TN Visa. To obtain your TN Visa you will have to:

  • Understand the TN Visa Process
  • Create Your Application/Employer Letter
  • Gather Your Supporting Documents
  • Prepare for the Border Interveiw

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The TN Visa is Can be Easy, Watch How

Most people are told the TN Visa is hard to obtain, This is NOT TRUE!

Relax, we show you how to do it easily. Do not get stress or feel overwhelmed. Obtaining the TN Visa is not difficult if you have the correct support. We provide you the support you need. Watch the video to see how.

Dear Friend of TN Visa Expert,

I created this company to help you live your dream. I believe obtaining the TN Visa should not be difficult or expensive, but it’s easy to be convinced otherwise. I have lived and worked in the US for over 12 years on the TN Visa. I have experienced many of the problems and fears you are experiencing, but I learned how to overcome them.

I realized this was not difficult if done correctly. I learned the little details that make a huge difference in the application. I also learned numerous myths that are not important but we all fret over and for many this becomes a showstopper. So I wrote the TN Visa Kit, had it verified by several highly qualified lawyers and published it online for you.

My goal is to keep your costs down and still have you be successful. This is not supposed to be an expensive visa, it’s meant to be a quick visa. You should be able to get your visa and start working within 3 days!

Not everyone's situation is straighforward and if you feel you want additional support to have your application reviewed by a lawyer or a phone consultation to simply discuss your situation we have these services at discounted rates to TN Visa Expert customers.

But, before you spend any money, click here to learn how I helped 13,000 people obtain their TN Visa, so you can see for yourself how you can save money and obtain your TN Visa quickly and easily.

Let’s do this together!


Jacob Sapochnick
TN Visa Expert Founder

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