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TN Visa - Frequently Asked Question

I work in the Hospitality industry as a Chef and or Cook. I have the management experience. Can I get a TN Visa to work as a chef/cook?


FAQ image The TN Visa does not have a NAFTA Occupation for chef or cook, but depending on your experience and the job you may qualify to work as a management consultant.

There are other U.S. work visas that a chef or cook may qualify for, but it will depend on the job and skill set required as well as your experience. Not all cook/chef positions will qualify for a visa.

For example,
1. An O-1 visa allows a chef with extraordinary experience to work in the U.S. (this is how most athletes and famous actors enter the U.S.)

2. E-2 visa or L-1 visa allows for managerial chef positions, specialized knowledge

3. H1B visa enable large hotel or prestigious restaurants to sponsor a chef.

4. J-1 visa enables a young chef to get training

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Submitted by: Myles B. of Vancouver, B.C., Canada