Key Features:

  1. EXCLUSIVE: Custom TN Visa Sample Letter of your choice for an approved NAFTA Occupation
  2. EXCLUSIVE: 3 Year TN Visa Sample Letter
  3. Critical Job Interview Success Steps
  4. Step-by-step instructions to create your TN employer letter
  5. How to successfully prepare for the border
  6. Know which Borders are the most popular
  7. TN Visa renewal process
  8. Numerous sample letters for your reference including Zoologist, Medical Lab Technologist, Renewal Sample Letter and more

Product Details:

  • Bonus: Custom Sample TN Visa Letter specific to your NAFTA Occupation
  • Information to help determine if you qualify
  • No degree, no problem. Learn how you can still obtain a TN Visa
  • Learn why a Job Title is important and how to choose the right one
  • What to do if your employer is unwilling to change the Job Title
  • Determine if your Job Description is in compliance with the NAFTA agreement
  • Simple Step-by-Step Instructions to quickly create your own TN Visa Letter
  • Numerous Useful Sample TN Visa Letters for a wide range of occupations
  • TN Visa Expert Tips to the most common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Checklist of all documentation required… so you don’t forget
  • Common border interview questions asked by Immigration Officers
  • How to obtain TD Visas for your dependents (spouse and children)
  • The official TN Visa Job List
  • Recommended TN Visa Border Ports of Entry
  • How to renew your TN Visa and your dependent's TD Visa
  • How to obtain a long-term visa (Green Card)