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Free TN Visa Guide

Including Sample Letter and Problem Areas

For more info about the sample letter read the article TN Visa Letter Sample.

“A simple and easy way to complete your TN1 visa application”

Jacob Sapochnick

Ready to start your TN Visa?

Do you still want more information about how to complete your application?

Our team at TN Visa Expert has put together this free guide to assist you with your TN Visa application process.

Note from Jacob Sapochnick, Founder of TN Visa Expert

Remember under NAFTA the TN Visa (or TN Status) was designed to quickly allow professional workers to easily cross between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. This Free Guide will help you with the basics of completing your TN Visa application for Americans, Canadians or Mexicans, but you will still need to successfully pass a screening interview at the border before your visa will be valid for entry.

My goal for you is the same as what I wish I had 15 years ago when I applied for my first TN Visa: to have someone I can trust explain the process and tell me juicy inside information that is going to make me successful and avoid issues at the border interview.

This free guide gives you the basic information you will require to obtain your visa. It also informs you of red flags or problem areas to be aware of when you are applying.

Finally, I want you to decide how much support you need to complete your visa application. This does not need to be an expensive visa and if you do not need a lot of support, then the options presented here allow you to save a lot of money.

If you need more support, I believe you should be able to get the support you require at an affordable price.

And we provide this to you. Here are your options – you decide what works best for you.

Additional Support Options:

  1. Free Quiz – Do You Qualify

    Take the free quiz and determine if you qualify for the TN Visa. GO

  2. Free TN Visa Guide

    Create Your basic application for free with the essential information. provided here. START BELOW

  3. 51 Highly Essential Questions To Prepare For Your TN Visa

    You have questions. Here’s the 51 essential questions answered for you.Be sure to read the 51st question to avoid denial.

  4. TN Visa Expert Kit – All Secrets Revealed

    You get this comprehensive eBook immediately. Nothing is hidden from you. You will understand the real way lawyers complete your application, but now you are taught how to do it.

    You receive sample letters, complete step by step instructions to create your application, what supporting documents to bring and it includes a border preparation chapter so you know what to say and what not to say.

From all my years of experience, what I found will be the key to your success is to identify all the red flags or possible problem areas with your situation. Then, complete your application accordingly and be prepared for the border interview.

This is what the 4 Support options above help you do, so take advantage of them and successfully start your new life!

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Jacob Sapochnick, Founder of TN Visa Expert




What is the correct name of this visa?

The North American Free Trade Agreement enables Canadians and Mexicans to work in the U.S and Americans to work in Canada and Mexico. There are many names used for this work permit and each one is correct depending on your situation. The most common names you will hear is: TN Status, TN1 Visa and R2014(a). We refer to it in its different forms.


Learn the Secrets

Finding a TN1 approved job is the very first step and often the most difficult when applying for a TN1 visa. The following points should be considered in order to find a valid job and get through the interview process.

  • Determine if your job is acceptable as a NAFTA occupation, refer to the Official NAFTA Job List (NAFTA Index 1603.D).
  • During the interview you will be doing your best to show you have the professional skills to perform the job. As a TN applicant, you also want to understand the application process and be able to answer any questions the employer may have about your visa status. This allows them to feel more at ease to hire you rather than a local candidate.
  • To secure the job find out whether your employer is familiar with the TN visa application process or not. If not, you can prepare the application using the TN Visa Expert Kit. The employer will simply have to review your application and sign.

Red Flags To Be Aware Of:

  • Employers get confused between the TN Visa, H1-B Visa and the L-1 Visa. These other 2 visas are more expensive and employers may not hire you since they think the TN Visa is as expensive and complex as the H1-B and L-1 Visa.
  • You go into an interview without understanding the TN Visa and without being aware of the differences.
  • The employer may ask you if you get hired, what needs to be done and how soon can you come. Be able to answer this.

Solutions To Red Flags

  • The TN Visa Expert Kit has a chapter explaining the different visas as well as section dedicated to helping you with the job interview process. Once you have read the Kit, you will understand the process and be able to explain it to your employer during an interview.


Verify each one

To qualify as a professional under NAFTA, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a Canadian, Mexican, or U.S citizen.
  • Your job is listed on the NAFTA Job List as listed in Appendix 1603.D. You can find the list here.
  • You have a degree or meet the education requirements for your NAFTA Occupation as stated by the NAFTA Job List (see link above). Most occupations require the equivalent of a four year post-secondary degree, but some will accept a three year certificate and/or work experience.
  • You have been offered a job by an U.S., Mexican or Canadian employer.
  • The TN Visa is a temporary visa, so you want to be able to show your intent to stay is temporary. Though this is a temporary visa and can be issued up to 3 years at a time, there is no restriction on the number of renewals.


Full time jobs can qualify for the TN1 visa. Being a temporary visa has not bearing on whether this is a full-time or part-time job. There is a lot of incorrect information on the internet about this. Writing your application letter correctly and knowing how to answer the questions at the border interview will dictate whether you will successfully obtain your visa.

  • (Hidden Trap) Your job qualifies under NAFTA
    Many people get denied because they are unaware of this requirement. This is one of those secrets lawyers do not tell you about. Understand it well. Even if your job is listed in the NAFTA Job List, it may not qualify. In the application letter, you will need to show how you and your job qualify under NAFTA. The Officer is looking for this when reviewing your application.

Red Flags To Be Aware Of:

  • Have you explained how the job qualifies under NAFTA
  • Permanent residents do not qualify, only citizens of Canada, Mexico and US
  • You must have a job offer

Solutions To Red Flags

To solve this, the TN Visa Expert Kit provides:

  • Step by step instructions showing you how to prove your job qualifies under NAFTA
  • Examples and clear instructions what to do and what to say with a full-time or part-time job so the Immigration Officer is NOT suspicious


Do not miss anything or you will have problems at the border

Due to stricter security regulations, U.S and Canadian immigration officers have been instructed to conduct more detailed investigations. What this means to you is to ensure you have your documents in order. Here are the basic documents required when you go to the border:

  • Your passport (Mexican, Canadian, or U.S citizen)
  • Your TN Visa Application letter
  • Proof of required NAFTA occupation credentials (degree, licenses, transcripts, etc)
  • Additional Supporting documentation specific to your situation
  • Filing fee. ($50 at the time of this publication – subject to change)
  • I-94 fee if crossing at a land border crossing ($6 at the time of this publication – subject to change)

There is a slight variation for the documentation requirements for Mexican citizens. They are as follows:

  • You cannot apply for a TN Visa at the port of entry
  • You will apply at the Mexican consulate and receive your TN Visa at this time
  • You will be paying $190 USD fee for the visa fee


Additional supporting documentation may be required for certain occupations. For a complete list and detailed explanation of this, check the TN Visa Expert Kit. When it comes to visas it is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

Sample Letter a Plus, But Ensure Success: Partner with a TN Visa Lawyer Today!


Use the Sample letter and step by step instructions

This is one of the most important documents in your application.

Remember, this visa is a free-form visa. This means there are no government forms, which need to be filled and completed. Many applicants do not realize this, but you want to think of your application letter as a letter explaining to the immigration officer how you and the job meet the TN Visa requirements. This is why in most cases an offer letter or contract is not sufficient for an immigration officer because it does not clearly explain the details he is looking for, thus raising questions, concerns and scrutiny.

Once you have your documents gathered, it is time to prepare the TN visa application or employer letter. Immigration officers are being very strict with these letters and will scrutinize every detail.

A good application letter is well written and contains the important points the officer is looking for so he can quickly determine if your application is valid and whether you should be granted a TN Visa.

Here are the key items you want to include in your TN1 visa application letter:

  • Heading
  • Recipient’s details
  • Company informtion
  • Information of the job
  • A discussion of why you are qualified to fill this particular job and how your skills match up with the job requirements.
  • A formal request of the visa requested.
  • IMPORTANT: A well-formatted application letter goes a long way. It enables the officer to quickly identify the different items he is looking for allowing him to approve you very quickly.

Red Flags To Be Aware Of:

  • How the application letter is printed and presented to the Immigration Officer
  • Job offer letter or job contract letter is not the same as a proper TN Visa application letter. Make sure you have a well-written application letter as well as a job offer letter.
  • Providing insufficient or unclear explanation of the job qualifies under NAFTA

Solutions To Red Flags

The TN Visa Expert Kit provides:

  • Numerous sample letters to enable you to quickly create your letter
  • Custom sample letter for your NAFTA Occupation


Here is a basic letter to give you an idea of what is required as explained above.



Department of Homeland Security / CBP RE: TN1 Application for (name) for (NAFTA Occupation)

Dear NAFTA Official,

This is a TN application letter for (name) who is a Canadian citizen and has been hired (company name) under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Company XYZ (paragraph describing the company)

This job of (job title/NAFTA Occupation) consists of:

(list job information)

John Smith (applicant name) possesses the necessary qualifications for the above job.

(paragraph describing applicant’s qualifications).

We kindly request issuing a TN Status (formal request details) for the NAFTA Occupation.


(Employer name)

Do not copy this application letter to apply. The complete format with several different versions and samples can be found in the TN Visa Expert Kit.


  • Sample letter for Canadians applying to the U.S.A. is the most common.
  • Sample letter for American and Mexican will have slight variations.
  • Sample letter for Americans applying to Canada is slightly different.
  • Application process for Americans applying to Canada is different.
  • Application process for Mexicans applying to the U.S.A. is different.

It also includes a special Chapter for Americans and Mexicans to explain the different requirements and the different application process.

Red Flags To Be Aware Of:

  • Programmer job is not allowed for Computer Systems Analyst
  • Scientific Technician does not require a degree but is highly scrutinized
  • Management Consultant does not require a degree but is also highly scrutinized
  • Job duties listed in the letter will be closing inspected by the Officer to see if they are inline with the requirements of NAFTA

Before Going to the Border

Organize all of your materials, including proof of job offer, support letter, proof you meet all the requirements.

Organize it and put all the documents in a folder with the TN Visa Application letter on top. Ensure you have the fees to pay at the border. Checks are not accepted.

Don’t Settle for Generic Advice – Get a TN Visa Lawyer by Your Side. Increase Your Chances of Success.


Know what to say and what not to do

People get denied their TN visa at the boarders and embassies due to a severe lack of preparation. Don’t let this happen to you!

Here is a point of view we tell our TN Visa Expert Kit customer to consider:

When you arrive at the airport or border crossing and request your visa, the immigration officer initially considers if you are security threat to the country. Upon receiving your TN Visa Application documents he now is considering whether you legitimately qualify for this visa. To verify, he has a checklist he must go through to ensure you meet the NAFTA regulations.

He is dealing with various applications throughout the day, He may be busy, he may be stressed, he may be tired, he may be happy, he may be bored, he may have had a good or bad night with his wife and kids, he may be in pain due to an injury. Remember he is human and now he has to review your application and either approve or deny it.

The first thing he sees is your demeanor – are you nervous, are you talkative, are you fidgety, are we dressed well or poorly. He is human, he makes an assessment – this may directly or indirectly count towards his decision of approving you or not.

Next you present your application documents to him. Is it organized, is it messy, are you providing just the essential documents or are you giving it to him with a stack of supporting documents that makes it look like you don’t know what you need so you brought every possible document he could ever want. Or do you have your stack of supporting documents well organized off to the side, in case it is requested.

Here is what must be done in order to pass the interview and obtain the TN visa.

  • Know the questions that will be asked at the border and embassy interviews.
  • Have the TN1 visa application letter.
  • Know your rights and the TN requirements so you are not pushed around.
  • Have a valid passport.
  • Copies of supporting documents (see TN Visa Kit for details)
  • Note: Don’t show up to the border without the proper documentation, TN visa application forms, letters, or supporting documents. Do not be poorly informed about the TN visa and don’t show up poorly dressed, or argue about visa rights with the immigration officers.

Tips For Success:

Although the TN visa can be renewed indefinitely, applicants must state intent to remain in the U.S temporarily. If applicants do wish to stay permanently then they should file a H1-B visa as soon as the TN visa has been granted.

Spouses and children under age 21 can apply for a TD visa along with the TN visa applicant.

Canadians can apply for the TN visa at a consulate if they wish, but an appointment should be scheduled first. If an applicant has filed an application with USCIS for a green card/permanent resident status, this person will not be granted the TN visa because it is not a dual intent visa.


Question 1:

If I follow the above instructions can I obtain my TN Visa?


The consular officers and border patrol agents have the final authority to approve or deny your TN application. But, if you qualify for the TN Visa, carefully follow the above instructions, and do not say anything contradictory in your interview to what you put on your application or to the TN Visa requirements, you should have no trouble obtaining a TN Visa.

If you want to improve your chances of success, download the TN Visa Expert Kit – Platinum Edition, since it gives you in depth information about creating a successful application, sample letters and it prepares you for the border interview.

It has helped over 13,000 applicants just like you to be successful. You can read the Google and Yelp reviews here:

1. Click to read the Google Reviews

2. Click to read the Yelp Reviews

Question 2:

Why are you giving me this information for free? Is there a catch?


There’s no catch. We want every eligible professional to be able to take advantage of the TN Visa program. This Free Guide is designed to help you get started on what can be a complicated process.

To really get the full benefit and a quick and easy step by step guide to obtain your TN Visa purchase the TN Visa Expert Kit.

Question 3:

Can I just use the sample letter and get my TN Visa?


The sample letter is only meant to guide you on the essential components your letter will need. You need to customize the letter for your situation. If you simply submit the sample letter your visa will likely be denied.

Question 4:

Can I just use my employer offer/contract letter and obtain my TN Visa?


In most cases it will not be sufficent. The contract letter is different than the TN Visa Application letter. The application letter explains to the Officer how you and your job meet the NAFTA requirements as well it addresses the other requirements of the TN. A employer offer letter or contract letter usually will not do this, so it can confuse the Officer and get you denied.

Question 5:

Why do I need the TN Visa Expert Kit if you gave me all the information here?


This Free Guide contains the broad outline of what is needed to get a TN Visa. The TN Visa Expert Kit has everything you will need to obtain your visa, with detailed instructions about each step in the process, including how to handle yourself at the border interview and what to do if you run into problems.

Question 6:

I’m not sure if I qualify, what should I do?


Two of the most common questions about qualifications are if your job offer fits the TN Visa requirements or if you have the right education or experience for the job. You can always click here to learn more about the job list. You can also contact us with any questions about your ability to qualify for a TN Visa at

Question 7:

I have more questions how can I get them answered?


We are happy to answer your questions about your situation. Please contact us at

Sources of reference:

Code Of Federal Regulations, NAFTA