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Solutions That Help You into The United States
Or Your Money Back. Guaranteed
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Follow these 11 essential steps to help you complete your TN Visa Application

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    Why Choose TN Visa Expert?

    Learn who we are and what’s important to us. Read about our success rate and track record. It’s hard to beat once you see our success.

    The Only Reputable TN Visa Kit at a Low Cost

    This is the only reputable and proven do it yourself TN Visa immigration service at a low cost with a money back guarantee. We give you a detailed instructions guide with step-by-step instructions and sample letters. We provide you border interview questions. You will learn what to say and what not to say. All this to to help you be prepared and avoid making mistakes.

    The TN Visa Kit is so reliable, it is purchased by new lawyers to help them create TN Visa applications for their clients. 

    We Care – We Want You to Avoid Problems

    Our founder, Jacob Sapochnick, paid a lot of money to lawyers and still had problems coming to the US on his TN Visa. He started TN Visa Expert to help people avoid problems and save money.

    18 Years in Business, A+ BBB Rating, 4.9 Star Google Review

    Congratulation to us! We’ve been helping people obtain their TN Visa, Marriage visas, K1 Visas since 2002! We have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and 4.9 star Google Reviews

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    • Avatar Diogo Rodrigues ★★★★★ 3 years ago
      I was able to successfully get my TN visa without any issues.
      The TN Visa Expert kit is really great, and allowed me to apply with confidence.
      It's super detailed, provides template letters and a checklist that will ensure you have everything covered.
      Also they answer any questions
      … More you have very quickly.
      Definitely worth every penny! If you want peace of mind when applying for your TN, you need to make sure you get TN Visa Expert kit.
    • Avatar Dafne Gokcen ★★★★★ 3 years ago
      I am a Canadian who first moved to the US on an F-1 Student visa. An internship turned into a full-time job offer, so I started to look into ways to stick around in the US. I knew about OPT, but then I heard about TN and it sounded like an amazing way to go. I consulted with the reps at … More the office for international students on-campus, and they told me I could also have a free consultation with an immigration lawyer. Well, I emailed them to ask and they told me it would be $1700 if I wanted their help! So much for free consultation.
      I decided to start googling around and that's when I found TN Visa Expert. It sounded, from what I saw on other websites, like I could go about getting a TN Visa without my own lawyer. But I wanted to make sure I had all the information I could get. Their website promised I would be reimbursed if their advice didn't work, so that was good enough of a guarantee for me.
      I paid $100 for the premium kit which included a sample letter for my profession. Man, was this worth every single penny. The PDF they send you is HUGE and loaded with literally every single thing you need to know. I was able to put together my job offer letter with my employer without needing a lawyer, and I was fully prepared for the border experience. The process was quick and painless, and I feel like I fully understand everything about my TN status.
      What's even better is they asked us for feedback about our experience, and they even helped me out with some problems I've had with US border guards who are unfamiliar with TN status. Plus I've benefited from email blasts and blog posts continuously over the years. I'm now on my 3rd TN and I've had zero issues getting any of them. These guys put together a very high-quality product at a fraction (literally 1/17th) of the cost of a lawyer and they make sure that you are a self-reliant TN resident who can worry more about your career than your residency status.
      If you're debating whether it's worth the money - it totally, 100% is!!! You won't regret it!
    • Avatar Arnold Baraiya ★★★★★ 3 years ago
      Thank you for providing TN visa holders immigration-related information. Info provided by attorney Jacob S. was timely and relevant.
      I appreciate your help and support during this uncertain and anxiety-filled time we live in.
      Thank you.

    You can trust we’ll be here to help you for years to come!

    Our TN Visa Kit is Verified By Lawyers

    Yes, you read this correctly. Our experienced immigration lawyers verified the TN Visa Kit to ensure you receive accurate instructions. 

    Our TN Visa Kit is Affordable

    Lawyers are expensive, the TN Visa Kit is 5% the cost of hiring a lawyer. You save 95% when you download the TN Visa Kit – Platinum Edition.

    We have a Money Back Guarantee

    We are here to help you obtain your visa. If you use the TN Visa Kit and get denied, we will refund your money. 

    We have Great Customer Service

    We answer your questions. Just email us at

    Lawyers available if You Need More Support

    We are able to give you the support you need. We believe in giving you the support you need. If you require minimal support, use the TN Visa Kit and obtain your TN Visa at a very low cost. If you need additional support, we have services to help you. Just let us know what you require, and we’ll attempt to assist.

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    TN Visa Expert is incorporated as CompuJam, Inc. in the state of California, and headquartered in San Diego. 

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    We are an online business first. This allows us to provide you the best prices with excellent value. If, however, you would like to schedule an appointment – email us.

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