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TN Visa - Frequently Asked Question

I was on a TN Visa but have been recently laid off. How can I get Unemployment Insurance?


Collecting unemployment insurance for TN Visa holders has never been easier, but since the Jan 17, 2017 TN Visa 60 day grace period it is now possible for TN Visa applicants to collect unemployment insurance!

This is because unemployment insurance applications required the applicant to be "able and available for work". Prior, to the grace period, TN Visa holders were required to leave the country, now they can stay and continue looking for work. This allows them to also qualify for unemployment insurance!

IMPORTANT: How to Interview so Employer's agree to getting you a TN Visa 

Remember, the 2 main reasons employers do not hire TN Visa applicants:

1. They do not understand the easy, low cost and benefits of the TN Visa

2. You are not able to answer their questions and so they disqualify you.

Now you can learn how to answer the employer's questions. Download the TN Visa Expert Kit - Platinum Edition and read the section on how to Interview and Answer the Employer's questions so you get hired. 

Read our How to Prepare for an Interview article as well. 

Submitted by: Mark K. of San Clemente, California