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"...I recommend this company to everyone"

"I am very happy with my experience with TN Visa Expert. I bought a TN Visa kit last week...I recommend this company to everyone. I trust them and if I need other products in the future, i will certainly appeal to TN Visa Expert"

-- Marie Thomassin
Quebec City, Quebec

"For the price it was well worth it" 

"I purchased your product online and found the information extremely helpful.  I was recently approved under TN status as a Pharmacologist/Biologist.  I just wanted to thank your organization for creating a guideline that was easy to understand and follow.  For the price it was well worth it.  I have known people who have not been as prepared as this kit made me and they were obviously refused. I would gladly recommend your kit to anyone qualified for a TN Visa  to buy this well informed, inexpensive kit. "

-- Michael Bethel, Pharmacologist/Biologist
Toronto, Ontario



"...definitely worth the cost..."

"I was at the border yesterday (Pearson Airport, terminal 3) and got my TN status approved in around 20 minutes. I have had the TN status quite a few times but this is the first time that I was not asked even one question. Of course it's impossible to know if it was the format of the letter that made the difference, but I believe the format of the letter at least contributed to the ease of acceptance.

It was definitely worth the cost to get some suggestions and ideas for how to format the employer letter. Thank you."

-- Dave Cross, Accountant
Odessa, Florida 

"The wealth of information provided by the TN Visa Expert Kit definitely goes beyond what I had expected"

"Before receiving my TN Visa Expert Kit I was extremely nervous about the process of obtaining a TN Visa. Information on the internet was limited and some sites contradicted others. I knew that not being prepared would mean lost time and money if I was rejected.

After receiving the TN Visa Kit I can now have confidence in my application and the application process. The wealth of information provided by the TN Visa Expert Kit definitely goes beyond what I had expected. TN Visa Expert also answered all my questions very quickly and accurately so I was on my way with the Kit in no time. I am very impressed with their service. I highly recommend the TN Visa Expert Kit, this is a great product."

-- Tara McNulty, Graphic Designer
Vancouver, British Columbia 

"Both the employer and I are happy..."

"I have been turned down at the Port of Entry three times for the TN Visa before I approached TN Visa Expert and got their Kit. I went through the TN Visa Expert Kit and understood all the details. I followed their instructions, made the Employment Letter and then had the Lawyer Review done. This time, though, I got the TN Visa approved and now I'm working for the U.S. employer. Both the employer and I are happy for TN Visa Expert's support."

-- Rajan Nair, Engineer
North York, Ontario

"By following the step- by-step procedure, you can be sure of 100% chance of success" 

"I got my TN Visa after applying at Pearson Port of Entry in Canada. I am so grateful for ordering the TN Visa Application Kit last January. By following the step- by-step procedure, you can be sure of 100%
chance of success. I'm so happy. I am now working in San Jose, CA. Thank you very much."

-- Dante Abella, Engineer
Ontario, Canada

"I would...recommend to others" 

"Thank you so much and you are the best service, efficient and reliable. I would use your service or recommend to others when the situation comes."

-- Wei-Ju Chen, Computer Systems Analyst
Winnipeg, Manitoba 

"The TN Visa Expert Kit is the best resource of its type that I have seen, and I have seen quite a few."

-- Rob Wolfe, Computer Systems Analyst
Ontario, Canada

"...TN Visa Expert is very good book...a lot of useful information...It has helped me a lot "

I would like to say thank you very much for your good service. Your company gave me very good service. The staff of your company has patience...I also would like to say that the TN Visa Expert is a very good book. They have a lot of useful information. It has helped me a lot. ...Anyways, the service is good and the Kit is good.

-- Lawrence Chu, Computer Systems Analyst
Toronto, Ontario 

"You've made life so much easier..." 

"You guys are the best. I can't thank you enough.

 Thank you so much for your assistance. You've made life so much easier for me now.

 I promise to recommend you guys to anyone I know in need of this service."

 -- Adebayo Akodu
United Kingdom