Solutions That Help You into The United States
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Solutions That Help You into The United States
Or Your Money Back. Guaranteed

Services For Recruiters

Two services we provide recruiters:

  1. Obtaining the TN Visa to hire a candidate to place at a client site
  2. Increase recruiting firms marketing presence to obtaining qualified professionals

Hiring An Employee

For recruiters who are hiring an employee and placing them at a client site, TN Visa Expert helps save time, money and ensures your success by its unique methodology.

The TN Visa Expert Kit is applicable for:

  • U.S. recruiters who want to obtain a Canadian or Mexican to work in the U.S.
  • Canadian recruiters who want to hire an American to work in Canada

Finding A Candidate For A Client

TN Visa Expert gives recruiters the confidence to inform their clients that obtaining the TN Visa is easy and affordable. Recruiters are able to expand their resource-pool and obtain candidates from across the border without concerns regarding the immigration process.  TN Visa Expert’s proven methodology assists the candidate and the client in successfully obtaining the TN Visa.

Saving You Money

Lawyers charge between $1000-$2500 to prepare the TN Visa Application for your employee. We save you money by having you leverage the TN Visa Expert Kit to create their TN Visa Application.

After creating your TN Visa Application, you may have questions or simply want an experienced immigration lawyer review the application for your specific situation. You can have a lawyer from the Lawyer Network review your application, provide feedback on how to strengthen your case and answer your questions. This will be a lot more affordable since you have created the application following the step by step instructions in the TN Visa Expert Kit.

Saving You Time

By taking advantage of the TN Visa Expert Kit – Employer Edition, you will be able to create the TN Visa Application quickly and easily. As part of the Kit, we also prepare your candidate so they understand the TN Visa Application process and are fully prepared for the border process including the interview at the border.

Ensuring Your Employee’s Success

Most recruiters do not realize that having a valid TN Visa Application does not ensure your candidate will get their TN Visa and begin working immediately. A key component to successfully obtaining the TN Visa is for the candidate to be prepared for the border interview.

In TN Visa Expert Kit – Employer Edition you will receive the TN Visa Expert Kit – Platinum Edition and a special employee version of the TN Visa Expert Kit. This special employee version of the Kit provides the following information to ensure the candidate successfully obtains the TN Visa:

  • Explanation of the TN Visa
  • Qualification requirements for the TN Visa
  • How to apply for the TN Visa, including documentation required
  • Preparation for the border process and the border interview
  • Recommended Ports of Entry (border crossing points)
  • Checklists for documentation so they don’t forget

Purchase the TN Visa Expert Kit – Employer Edition now.

Obtaining Qualified & Professional Candidates

TN Visa Expert works with recruiters who want to increase their marketing presence and obtain qualified candidates. Due to the nature of our site, many of TN Visa Expert’s visitors are looking for jobs. They are professionals, primarily Canadians, who are very experienced, eager to work at competitive rates and want to live in the U.S. If you are interested in obtaining qualified candidates and have the resources to help them find careers in their specialty, complete our Partner Relationship Request Form and a representative will contact you.