Solutions That Help You into The United States
Or Your Money Back. Guaranteed
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Solutions That Help You into The United States
Or Your Money Back. Guaranteed

Our Mission and Values

Through our fundamental product, The TN Visa Expert Application Kit, the company is focused on:

  • Assisting people with their short term and long term visa needs to live in the United States. Contact us if you want a visa to live in the U.S.
  • Significantly increasing the likelihood of customers being successfully admitted to the United States under a TN-1 Visa.
  • Reducing the average time, cost, and stress associated with preparing for TN-1 Visa Applications and anticipating the border inspection; Other application assistance methods leave people with the uncertainty of doing it 100% by themselves.

While TN Visa Expert cannot ensure 100% border crossing success, or that any given individual has the necessary background to be fully qualified for the TN-1 Visa, our company believes that our product provides the best and most thorough information to ensure you a greater chance of success than any other assistance source available. In support of this belief, our company offers a Money-Back Guarantee.

TN Visa Expert discourages any TN Visa applicants from providing any false information to the United States government in applying for a visa. This includes any conduct, actions, paperwork, etc., which may be misleading in any way. On the contrary, we encourage visa applicants to represent themselves honestly, while putting their best foot forward and supporting the information provided by our product.

TN Visa Expert believes in hard work and continual improvement of its products in order to continue giving its customers “an edge” in developing the best visa application possible.

With our customers’ interests in mind, we believe in providing timely customer support in order to clarify, explain, or interpret any aspect of our product at the customer’s request.

Corporate Status

TN Visa Expert is incorporated as CompuJam in the state of California and headquartered in San Diego.

Contact Information

For questions, information, or customer support, please contact us through our support email address: We will do our very best to reply within 1-2 working days, or sooner depending on the urgency.

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