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How do I get my Social Security Number? Do I need to get it before obtaining the TN Visa?


You obtain your Social Security after you receive your TN Visa. Once you have your TN Visa go to the nearest Social Security Office and submit your forms. You can find the nearest SSO office here.

How to apply for your Social Security Number:

1. Download and complete the Social Security Application Form. (Form SS-5)

2. Gather Supporting Documents (Passport, TN Visa, drivers license). Read more about the documents required.

3. Mail or submit your documents to the nearest SSO office.

Note: You can start working without an SSO number, since you have your TN as proof that you are authorized to work. An employer can pay you without this number or you can wait to have them pay you once your number arrives.

After Your TN Visa Expires, Lost Your TN Visa Job, Switch Jobs
Your Social Security Number is still valid after your TN expires, your job ends or you switch jobs. If you found another TN Visa job, you would use the same Social Security Number.

This number belongs to you. If you use it without a valid TN Visa, then you are working illegally which you should not do.

Your Next Step: Download the TN Visa Expert Kit – Platinum Edition. You will get the checklist of all documentation you need to apply for your Social Security Number.

Submitted by: Lauren G. of Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada

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