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Solutions That Help You into The United States
Or Your Money Back. Guaranteed

TN Visa Expert Law Support for Your TN Visa Needs

Most people attempt to navigate the TN Visa process on their own because of the high cost of TN Visa attorney support. TN Visa Expert solves this, providing TN Visa assistance at reasonable prices.

Immigrating to the United States can be daunting. Sadly, many who start the process experience visa rejections and do not realize their goal.

Here at TN Visa Expert, our goal is to make sure people (specifically, Canadians and Mexicans) achieve their US immigration goals via the TN Visa. If you’re a Canadian or Mexican professional wishing to work in the United States, we’ll empower you with the information and support to obtain your visa quickly and affordably.

See how our services can help you achieve your American dream!

TN Visa Attorney Support Costs and Consultation

TN Visa attorney review

Review and letter drafting only


Drafting the TN support letter and reviewing previous drafts
Instructions on preparing and filing the application
30-minute TN Visa lawyer consultation

TN Visa Premium

CBP Port-of-entry (border) filling for Canadian citizens only


Drafting of TN Visa support letter
Cover letter to US immigration outlining eligibility
Application packet with supporting evidence
Employer support with any visa compliance needs
Filing instruction letter
Interview preparation
Post-filing discussions on related TN visa matters

TN Visa Premium

USCIS I-129 (mail) filings for Canadians or Mexicans


Drafting of TN support letter
I-129 USCIS forms
Cover letter to US immigration outlining eligibility
Application packets with supporting evidence
Filing instructions letter
Interview preparation
Post-filing discussions on related TN Visa matters
Employer support with any visa compliance needs

US Embassy

Consulate filings for Mexican citizens


DS-160 review
Drafting of TN Visa Support letter
Cover letter to Us immigration outlining eligibility
Application packet with supporting evidence
Filing instructions letter
Interview preparation
Letter of instructions to employer and status update

Immigration Lawyer Services Offered for TN Visa Assistance

While it is possible to navigate the TN visa process on your own, getting the guidance of a TN visa lawyer will significantly increase your chance of success.

At TN Visa Expert, our TN visa lawyer Jacob Sapochnick will guide you every step of the way, providing services that include:

TN Visa Application Assistance

Before you apply for your visa, what must you do to ensure you will successfully obtain your TN visa? How do you write a TN application letter that shows you and your job qualify for the TN visa? Knowing these can be the difference between success and rejection when applying for a TN visa.

We provide all the TN visa application help you need to write a winning TN visa application. TN Visa Expert will:

  • Arm you with everything you need to know before your application.
  • Provide the information you need to create a professional TN Visa application.
  • Provide numerous TN Visa sample letters to help you with writing a winning application letter.

Legal Consultation for TN Visas

When applying for a TN visa, you need a TN visa immigration lawyer who specializes in US immigration law to guide you through the process. A TN visa attorney will provide personalized guidance based on your specific situation, increasing your chances of obtaining the visa.

At TN Visa Expert, we provide the TN visa consultation you need to succeed in your application. We’ll:

  • Assess your qualifications and advise you on a TN visa category you’re more likely to succeed in.
  • Review your job offer and advise you on potential issues or modifications needed to comply with immigration regulations.
  • Help you prepare the necessary documentation for your TN visa application.
  • Provide updates on any change in immigration laws that may impact your visa application and help you adapt to new requirements.

TN Visa Documentation Help

One of the reasons most TN Visa applicants get denied is incomplete documentation. However, that will not be your experience if you have TN Visa Expert guiding you.

We ensure that you have all the supporting documentation for your TN Visa application and that they comply with the relevant requirements.

Case Evaluation

Another reason many people get denied is following what worked for another person. What worked for someone else may not work for you because every TN visa application is different.

At TN Visa Expert, TN lawyers will review your TN visa application on an individual basis to determine the likelihood of a successful application.

We’ll assess the unique circumstances related to your application. This will help you understand your potential challenges and how to overcome them for a successful TN visa application.

Take a short quiz to see if you qualify for a TN Visa!

TN Visa For Individuals

Did you know that up to 20% of TN visa applications are rejected? After putting all the time and energy into getting a US job and applying for a TN visa, you definitely won’t want to be denied the visa. But that happens 20% of the time, according to the US Department of State, Immigration Visa Control and Reporting Division.

Worse still, with each rejection, individuals have a chance of being barred from the US for up to 5 years.

Thankfully, TN Visa Expert can arm you with everything you need to scale through the process. Arming you with a strong application and knowledge of what to say and avoid during the interview, you’ll stand a better chance of obtaining your TN visa.  

TN Visa For Recruiters

Finding the best talent from across the border is hard enough. Getting work permits for them is even harder. 

TN Visa Expert can help you get TN Visas for your candidates easily and affordably. The TN Visa Premium Support Kit is everything your candidates will need to help them obtain their TN Visas before their employment start date.

TN Visa Expert also helps recruiters increase their exposure and marketing presence, as many of our visitors are job seekers. Please contact us to learn more.

TN Visa For Employers

Make no mistake, many employers struggle to obtain TN visas for their prospective employees. This results in them missing out on top talents that can boost their business. With TN Visa Expert, that wouldn’t be your experience.

TN Visa Expert has special employer services that will help your employee obtain their TN visas quickly.

Know that a lack of preparation for the border interview causes rejection, as applicants may say the wrong things or behave inappropriately. Our TN Visa Premium

CBP Port-of-entry prepares your employees for the border interview. We:

  • Provide a list of common questions adjudicating officers ask during border interviews.
  • Tell you how best to answer interview questions so you do not say something that can jeopardize your TN visa application.

TN Visa For Colleges & Universities

As an educational institution, your goal is to produce graduates who go on to have successful careers. TN Visa Expert can help you realize those goals.

We have affordable services for students that can help them obtain TN visas to work in professional jobs in the United States. 

We work with Career Services, Graduate Services, MBA, and other department offices to provide students with valuable information that can help them achieve future career objectives. Contact us to make a difference at your institution.

TN Visa For Lawyers & Immigration Specialists

In our commitment to making a difference for our customers, we run the TN Visa Expert Lawyer Network, where qualified immigration lawyers provide their expertise to TN Visa Expert customers.

If you are an immigration lawyer interested in providing excellent service to help people with their immigration needs, do not hesitate to contact us at

We also have opportunities for immigration paralegals, immigration specialists, or previous border officers. If you’re one of these and want to help people become successful with their visa process, please Contact Us.

Choosing the Right TN Visa Lawyer Support

Choosing the right TN Visa lawyer is crucial to the success of your visa application. 

Why Choose Our Legal Support

TN Visa Expert has an excellent track record of helping people obtain TN Visas. Plus, our TN Visa support services are available at a low cost and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Specifically, you should choose TN Visa Expert because we:

  • Offer expert guidance, full application support, and border interview preparation to help you succeed in your TN visa application.
  • Offer reputable TN Visa Support kits that many immigration lawyers use to create TN visa applications for their clients.
  • Have a high success rate.
  • Offer low TN visa attorney fees.
  • Have a 100% money-back guarantee on all TN Visa services. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting TN Visa Assistance

Some things to consider when selecting TN Visa assistance are:

  • Specialization in immigration law. Immigration law is complex, so a lawyer with expertise in the field can make it easier to navigate the process.
  • Experience with TN visas. A service experienced with TN visas will be familiar with the intricacies of this visa type and will be better equipped to guide you to success.
  • Success rate. A high success rate shows an ability to navigate challenges and handle cases effectively.
  • Transparency on fees. Hidden fees that later come up can cause disagreement and sour relationships. It’s important to be aware of all fees from the start.
  • Low TN Visa lawyer cost. It’s also important for the service to be reasonably priced.
  • Availability/ accessibility. The service should be available to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner.