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The Right NAFTA Occupation For You

When applying for the TN Visa you must choose a NAFTA Occupation. In real life, most job titles do not neatly correspond to the specified NAFTA Occupations. Nevertheless, most professional jobs do qualify under NAFTA if done correctly. In combination with your degree, job experience and your current job, you can determine the NAFTA Occupation that best works for you.

Options For Choosing The Right NAFTA Occupation

  1. Purchase the TN Visa Expert Kit and read the detailed chapters on how to determine which NAFTA Occupation will work for you. 
  2. After reading the Kit, if you are still unsure which occupation is best for you we recommend that you consult with an immigration lawyer. We have provided a list of immigration lawyers who will assist you with this for an affordable price.

Most people easily obtain their TN Visa by following the instructions in the TN Visa Expert Kit. However, if you are even the slightest bit unsure about which NAFTA Occupation to choose, we recommend contacting an experienced immigration lawyer to help determine the best NAFTA Occupation you qualify for. Click here to find an experienced immigration lawyer that offers a consultation service.

Consequences For Choosing The Wrong NAFTA Occupation

  • Being denied your TN Visa
  • Having to re-apply at a later date
  • Having to create a stronger TN Visa Employer Letter
  • Missing your employment start date
  • Time and money of rescheduling travel plans, flights, etc.
  • Significantly increasing your stress over facing another possible TN Visa denial

Reduce your chances of being denied with the TN Visa Expert Kit to successfully live and work in the U.S.

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