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Do It Yourself K1 Visa Kit

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K1 Visa Kit Product Features

Stage 1
I-129F Filing
Stage 2
Interview Preparation
Stage 1+2
I-129F +
Interview Prep
Easy Explanation of K1 Processing Times and Fees checkmark checkmark
Complete list of USCIS Forms required checkmark checkmark
Step by Step Instructions to Complete USCIS Forms checkmark checkmark
Supporting Document Checklist checkmark checkmark
Sample USCIS Forms, Cover letters & Affidavit letters checkmark checkmark
How to Apply with Children checkmark checkmark checkmark
Same-Sex Marriage Application Details checkmark checkmark checkmark
Embassy Interview USCIS Forms checkmark checkmark
Over 50 Sample Interview Questions checkmark checkmark
Complete Marriage Interview Details to be Successful checkmark checkmark
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You Want to Complete the K1 Visa Application on Your Own?

Many people want to complete the K1 Visa Application on their own. There is nothing wrong with this, but you want to be careful.

The K1 Visa Kit guides you through the process, step by step and helps avoid problems. It does this by:

  1. Instant Download - Sent via email upon purchase
  2. Complete list of all the K1 USCIS Forms
  3. Easy Step by Step Instructions on how to complete the forms
  4. List of Supporting Documents you will require 
  5. Clearly understand the USCIS Fees required
  6. Understand the Marriage Interview process
  7. Embassy Marriage Interview Preparation
  8. Over 50 Sample Interview Questions to help you

If you want to apply on your own, this is the complete K1 visa guide to assist you.

Is this K1 Visa Kit for You?

The K1 Visa Kit provides you the essential information to completing your K1 fiance visa. Many people want a 

If this describes you, then you should get started immediately:

  1. You are confident you can do it yourself using a Kit.
  2. You want to save money and don't need a lot of help.
  3. Your situation is not complicated, so you don't need legal help
  4. You are comfortable reading and following instructions.
  5. You want a step by step guide to complete your application.
  6. You are ready to take responsibility for your K1 visa application.