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I am a US citizen and my spouse is overseas, should we apply for the K3 spouse visa or the CR1 spouse visa? We hear so many conflicting information. Also what are the processing times - how long will it take?


FAQ image Yes, there is a lot of misinformation about the K3 spouse visa and the CR1 spouse visa.

Essentially, the K3 spouse visa was meant to be a much faster visa to bring your spouse into the U.S. but that is no longer the case due to recent changes with US Immigration.

Secondly, the overall Green card cost using the K3 spouse visa route is more expensive since you pay for the K3 visa and the Adjustment of Status application.

The CR1 spouse visa takes about a month longer than the K3 spouse visa and your spouse gets the Green card immediately upon arrival into the U.S. This means the costs are less since you do not have to file for the Adjustment of Status and incur those costs.

Important: Be careful. The CR1 spouse visa has multiple steps and numerous forms, if you make a mistake it can delay your approval by 3-6 months or more.

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Submitted by: Delria C. of Detroit, Michigan, USA

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