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Find Your Dream Job Quickly

If you are still looking for your dream job, this article is for you.

Before you get an interview, you need to find a job that interests you. You may be spending your days searching online job boards, selecting potential job candidates and firing off your résumé to them. A typical online job posting will receive over 100 applications a day – how are they supposed to filter through all this information? Meanwhile, you are at home hoping they will see your application and respond within a few days. If you’re lucky, your résumé was noticed. If not, you’ll continue searching, hoping for another exciting job opening.

There are numerous ways to find a job. Understand and take advantage of the various ways to help you land your dream job. Here we briefly list the most common and effective ways to find your job:

1. Networking

Networking is crucial to finding a job in today’s competitive market. Between 60-80 percent of all jobs are not advertised in newspapers. Experts agree that jobseekers that only use the help-wanted ads are at a competitive disadvantage. Networking includes: joining associations/clubs in your field, informing people you are looking, attending conferences, volunteering. The most important requirement is to not be embarrassed to tell people you’re looking for work, otherwise this will not be very fruitful.

2. Job fairs

Job fairs are also important to attend, even though they may look like a waste of time. Even if the people in the booths don’t seem to have many jobs, it’s important to make contact and collect business cards. Keep in contact with these people.

3. Recruiters

Recruiters fill many positions. Recruiters are a great way to expose you to numerous prospects. Companies who use recruiters will expect them to provide a short candidate list. If you are able to build a relationship with your recruiter (being friendly, personable, professional), they will keep you on the top of their list. It is in the interest of the recruiter for you to get hired, but they need to ensure you are a good candidate. Build the relationship with your recruiter, show how you meet the job requirements and how you can add value. Impress the recruiter and you will improve your chances for an interview with the hiring company.

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4. Online Job Boards and Ads

These types of forums are a great way to learn about who is hiring. Applying this way doesn’t hurt, but your chances are a lot less due to the sheer number of resumes that are submitted. Ensure your resume is current and allocate a certain amount of time to spend searching and applying using online job boards, but do not make it your only source to finding a job.