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Did Your TN Visa Get Denied?

First thing first: don't worry. This is easier said than especially since your border experience could not have been pleasant, but there are essential things that can be done if you still want to try and reapply.

If you have been denied your TN Visa, email us at:

In the email, include:

  • A brief description of what happened at the border
  • Reason the Officer gave for denying you (very important)
  • NAFTA Occupation you applied under
  • Date and Port of Entry you applied at

Possible Reasons for TN Visa Denial

Here are some common reasons why one may be denied their TN Visa:

  • TN Visa Application/Employment letter did not clearly explain how you and the job meet the NAFTA requirements
  • Immigration Officer does not understand how you qualify for NAFTA
  • Insufficient supporting documentation
  • Applied under the wrong NAFTA Occupation
  • You really do not qualify for the TN Visa
What you do next is important as you do not want to get another TN Visa denial.



How To Avoid Being Denied Your TN Visa

The consequences of being denied your TN Visa can be severe. Avoid it all costs. The key question to ask yourself is: What is my future worth?

Consequences of Having Your TN Visa Denied:

  • Your employer may decide to hire someone else
  • Having to re-apply at a later date
  • You may get barred from U.S. for several years
  • Having to create a stronger TN Visa Employer Letter
  • Missing your employment start date
  • Time and money to reschedule travel plans, flights, etc.
  • Significantly increased stress over a possible TN Visa denial again

It is in your best interest to do everything you can to avoid being denied. The best way to ensure success is to make sure you are properly prepared.

Why People Are Denied Their TN Visa

Hoping to save money, many people come to TN Visa Expert after attempting to obtain their TN Visa on their own, having been informed by the Immigration Officer that they do not qualify for the TN Visa, thus causing them to be denied. When the Immigration Officer concludes they do not qualify for the TN Visa, in most cases this means they did not state their case adequately – they were not prepared.

They have wasted their valuable time, their employer is frustrated, and they are very stressed and worried. More importantly, the next time they apply, the Immigration Officer will scrutinize the application more severely.  In some extreme cases, people have been flagged by Immigration Officers, making any future entry attempts, business or pleasure, into the U.S. more difficult. Others have even been barred from working in the U.S for up to five years!

Don't let this happen to you! In most cases, these people did one of the following Common TN Visa Mistakes:

  • They did not choose the correct NAFTA Occupation for their qualifications
  • They did not adequately show the job duties to meet the NAFTA requirements
  • They failed to establish nonimmigrant intent
  • Insufficient or improper documentation
  • They misspoke and said something incorrect when asked a question about their job

The article Three TN Visa Mistakes to Avoid explains these mistakes in detail and how you can ensure your TN Visa is not denied due to one of these problem areas.

Recommended Steps To Success

If this is going to be your first time applying for the TN Visa, ensure you have taken all the precautions to creating a valid and professional application, and make sure you're prepared for the border interview.

If you are trying to save money and want to be successful, TN Visa Expert can help you. Your future is too important for you to assume and hope you will obtain your TN Visa.

Read a real-life TN Visa denial story: When Everything That Could Go Wrong... Does. Don't let this happen to you. Purchase the TN Visa Expert Kit to help ensure your success.