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Solutions That Help You into The United States
Or Your Money Back. Guaranteed

TN Visa Employer Requirements

To qualify as a professional under NAFTA you must meet the following basic TN Visa requirements:

  • You are a Canadian, Mexican or U.S. citizen
  • The job qualifies under NAFTA as listed in NAFTA Appendix 1603.D (NAFTA Job List)
  • You are qualified to work in this business activity
  • You have been offered a job by a U.S., Canadian, or Mexican employer
  • Your intention to stay is temporary in nature.

Full time jobs do qualify for the TN Visa. To ensure you successfully obtain the TN Visa for this type of job, you must write your TN Visa Employer Letter correctly and know how to answer the Immigration Officer’s questions.

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    TN Visa Documentation Requirement At The Border

    Be Prepared! As a result of increased security concerns, U.S. Immigration Officials at the border have been directed to conduct more thorough inspections. You must ensure you have the necessary documentation to establish your identity and purpose of entry and prove that you are eligible for a TN Visa.

    This is the basic documentation requirement you must have:

    • Proof of citizenship (Canadian, Mexican or U.S)
    • Letter from your prospective employer
    • Job Title and detailed summary of your duties (job description)
    • Proof employment will be temporary; no more than 3 years
    • Arrangement of payment for your services
    • Proof you possess the required NAFTA Occupation credentials
    • Filing fee – $50 USD (price at the time of this publication)
    • Form I94 fee – $6 USD (price at the time of this publication)

    Additional documentation may be required at the border for certain occupations. Our lawyer service provides specific details for these highly scrutinized occupations. It is always better to be over prepared than under prepared. Showing additional supporting documentation shows the Immigration Officer that you’re prepared, knowledgeable and can prove that you qualify.

    You Can Be Working in the U.S. in no time

    Our proven techniques, step by step instructions and the border preparation will enable you to obtain your TN Visa within a short period of time.

    Remember, even if you have a valid TN Visa Application, you can be denied if you are not prepared for the border interview. The Immigration Officer’s primary concern is to keep his country safe. If he has any reason to doubt your answers or your application, you WILL BE DENIED.

    Don’t Let Requirements Hinder Your Dreams. Get Expert Legal Support for Your TN Visa.

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    The TN Visa service has been created by lawyers so it’s accurate and precise.

    Our service has all the information you require to quickly and easily create a valid TN Application. It prepares you for the border interview, it provides sample TN Visa letters, step by step instructions and more.

    Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

    Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We are confident in the effectiveness of the service we offer. If you purchase the TN Visa Expert service and are denied your TN Visa, contact us and we will gladly refund your money.

    The TN Visa Expert service will help you understand all the details of creating a successful TN Visa Application, mistakes to avoid and prepares you for the border interview.

    Are You Ready Apply by Mail or at the Border?

    You can read about the complete TN Visa Application process here.

    Recent TN Visa changes now allows you to apply via mail or at a border crossing in person. If you apply by mail, it can take 2 to 3 months for processing and there is a several hundred dollar application fee. At the border you will obtain the TN Visa immediately and the fee is a lot less.