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Adjustment of Status (I-485)

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Adjustment of Status CHECKLIST

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Almost done - Follow these steps to complete your Application without mistakes!

If you and your foreign spouse are in the United States and you are married (or about to be married), you are steps away from obtaining your Green card by marriage.

If you have any questions with your adjustment of status application, email us so you don't make a mistake and can still get your Green card quickly. We are here to help.

STEP 1: Do You Qualify for the Adjustment of Status?

This is the most important step. Do you know if you qualify for the Adjustment of Status?

ANSWER: Yes. Great! Go to Step 2 for your Adjustment of Status.

ANSWER: No. No problem. You can do the following:

  1. Take the Free Qualification Quiz. Start Quiz
  2. Speak to legal expert to determine if you qualify.
    We offer a Free Phone Consultation. Schedule Phone Call

STEP 2: Do You Have Questions before Starting your Adjustment of Status?

Make sure you are clear on how to proceed. Everyone's situation is different. This is your immigration case and your future. If you make a mistake, you will cause more problems. So get your questions answered.

ANSWER: No. Great! Go to Step 3 for your Adjustment of Status.

ANSWER: Yes. No problem. You can do one of the following:

  1. Post your question on our forum.   Post to Forum
  2. Email us your questions.  Click to Email
  3. Speak to a legal expert (free).  Schedule Phone Call
Marriage visa Expert

If you are getting advice about your situation from someone, remember to ensure it is from a reliable source. This is your family's future and its best to be extra cautious.

STEP 3: Gather Your Supporting Documents for the Adjustment of Status

Having all your supporting documents is very important. It will determine whether you will be approved to have the marriage interview or not.

Your supporting documents show the Immigration Officer how you meet the Adjustment of Status requirements and that the marriage is authentic. It's better to have more supporting documents than less.

Remember to include your USCIS Filing Fees for the Adjustment of Status.

Do you know what supporting documents you need?

ANSWER: Yes. Great! Go to Step 4 for your Adjustment of Status.

ANSWER: No. No problem. Will email you the Adjustment of Status checklist.

Click here to download your Adjustment of Status Checklist.

STEP 4: Complete all the USCIS Forms

Obtain all the US Immigration (USCIS) Forms that you need to complete for the Adjustment of Status petition.

Most mistakes are done in this stage. People apply with the wrong forms or they miss some forms. Then they find out in 3 to 4 months. This stops them from getting their work authorization, travel permt and delays their Green card by another 6-8 months.

Here are some questions to ask yourself :

  • Do I need to file the I-130 Form?
  • Do I need to file the I-485 Form separately?
  • Do I want to be able to start working immediately?
  • Do I want to be able to travel abroad before my Green card arrives?

These are questions that will determine which USCIS Forms you need to complete and how to apply. Don't make a mistake here.

Do you know which USCIS Forms to file and how to complete them accurately?

ANSWER: Yes. Great! Go to Step 5 for your Adjustment of Status.

ANSWER: No/Maybe. No problem. Use the Visa Streamline System to complete your Application.
Click here to learn about the Visa Streamline System.

Visa Streamline System

STEP 5: Review, Sign, Mail Your Application

Verify, verify and verify again. Ensure you have not made any mistakes or left anything blank. Make at least 2 copies.

Mail your application to the correct USCIS Lockbox address. Send via UPS.

Do you know where to mail your Application?

ANSWER: Yes. Great!

ANSWER: No? No problem.

Send to the National Chicago Lockbox.
P.O. Box 805887
Chicago, IL 60680-4120

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