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If you are married and living in the United States, you’re a step away from obtaining your Green Card.

For family based adjustment of status if your priority date is now current, email us: so we can qualify you immediately and help you get started on your Green card.

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Adjustment of Status allows a foreign visitor who got married in the U.S. to obtain their Green card without leaving the U.S.

Obtaining the Adjustment of Status involves several key items:

  1. Ensure you qualify. Take free quiz now!
  2. Complete all USCIS Forms correctly.
  3. Include supporting documents.
  4. Pay the correct fees.
  5. A successful "marriage" interview with USCIS.

If you entered on a B2 Visitor visa, Visa Waiver Program (VWP) or ESTA there is a risk that USCIS (US immigration) will believe you obtained your visitor visa under false pretenses if you immediately get married. During your application process USCIS may deny or delay your adjustment of status application claiming you pretended to be a tourist. Email to determine if you can get started.

Applying for Adjustment of Status Simplified

Do you want your Adjustment of Status approved without delays? At TN Visa Expert, we have simplified the application process for you:

k1 visa couple
  • You have our guidance to avoid stress and anxiety.
    We assist you each step along the way.
  • Experience shorter processing times.
    Your application will be mailed in quicker without mistakes.
  • Avoid confusion and anxiety.
    Knowing which forms to complete and how to fill them can be stressful and confusing. To solve this we provide an easy online form and we complete the complicated USCIS forms.
  • You save time and money.
    Using our online system, saves the lawyer a lot of time and we pass this savings to you.
Visa Streamline System

Benefit of Using Visa Streamline System

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A lawyer qualifies you and identifies any red flags in your situation to avoid delays and denials.

Adjustment of Status - Application Forms

There are numerous USCIS forms that need to be completed as well as supporting documents that will make up the complete Adjustment of Status application.

  1. Petition for Alien Relative (depending on situation)
  2. Application to Register Permanent Residence (USCIS Form I-485)
  3. Biographic Information (USCIS Form G-325A)
  4. Work Authorization (Optional)
  5. Advance Parole - request for travel (Optional)
  6. The appropriate supporting documents
  7. USCIS fees
Marriage visa Expert

Remember to always include a cover letter to USCIS with your Adjustment of Status Application.

Adjustment of Status - Application Process

Applying for the Adjustment of Status will get you your Green card.

The Adjustment of Status process is as follows:

  1. Complete your Adjustment of Status application.
  2. Medical and Vaccination record. Complete your medical exam and include the results with your initial application.
  3. Mail your Adjustment of Status application to the USCIS Service Center.
  4. Within 2 weeks of mailing your application you will receive the first Notice of Action (NOA)
  5. Within the next 30 days you will receive a notice in the mail to schedule your Biometrics.
  6. If done correctly, you will receive your Employment Authorization (EAD) within 30 to 90 days of filing.
  7. If you completed the Advance parole, you will get this within 90 days, as well.
  8. If made a mistake or missed something and USCIS requires additional evidence, you will be sent a Request for Evidence. Be careful and follow the instructions.
  9. You will then be contacted for a marriage interview. Read the letter carefully and bring what is requested.

Biometrics. After filing the adjustment of status packet, you’ll wait about 30 days for fingerprinting and another three months for an interview with USCIS. At or soon after that interview, you should be approved for permanent residency and then receive your Green card.

The Adjustment of Status processing time is about 4-5 months in most cases. USCIS reports 30-40% of applications are delayed or denied due to mistakes, so be careful.

Don't be part of this 30% - it's very stressful and scary. Use the Visa Streamline System.
You will have peace of mind knowing your application is accurate and complete with a support team behind you. Only 2 payments of $374.

Adjustment of Status - Eligibility

If you are already engaged or married to a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, immigrating based on this marriage is likely to be your best bet. The eligibility criteria are reasonably straightforward and the waiting periods are generally better, or at least no worse, than for most other types of visas.

If you are married to a U.S. citizen, there is no waiting period or quota to delay your entry into the United States. You will be subject to the usual time period it takes to process your paperwork and for the government to make sure you are not excludable for any reason, such as criminal past or health problems.

Is this your current visa?

If so, let's start your Adjustment of Status!
B1/B2 Tourist Visa
Canadian who entered legally with no Visa
F-1 Student Visa
H-1B Specialty Occupation Visa
H-2B Temporary Non-Agricultural Worker Visa
J-1 Exchange Visitor not subject to the 2 Year Rule
K-1 Fiancée Visa
K-3 Spousal Visa
L-1A or L-1B Employment Visa
Visa Waiver Program
Call us if your visa type is not listed UNAVAILABLE
If you entered the U.S. illegally we can't help you.
If you are not married to a U.S. citizen we can't help you. UNAVAILABLE
Need more direction

Adjustment of Status - Fees

The total USCIS filing fees can vary. Here is a basic guideline of what you can expect to pay.

  • Form I-485 Application to Adjust Status, Form I-131 Advance Parole, Form I-765 Employment Authorization - $1,140 USD (if filed together)
  • Biometrics Fee - $85 USD
  • Form I-130 Petition for Alien Relative (not required in all situations) - $535 USD
  • Child applications fees are separate. 
  • Children under 14 - $750
  • Children 14 or older - $1,140 
  • Other costs may include translation and photocopying charges, fees for getting the documents required for the visa application (such as passport, police certificates, birth certificates, etc.), and travel expenses.

USCIS has increased these marriage visa application fees as of December 23, 2016. Please ensure you take this into account when mailing your application to avoid delays.

Many people spend months trying to figure out how to apply. They post questions to forums, search the internet for endless documents to read … on and on. If they make a mistake, USCIS (US immigration) asks for more information, causing delays.

Why go through that hassle when we have made everything so easy for you?

At TN Visa Expert, we have a well laid out plan for you. A plan that is successful! Our Visa Streamline System is a proven method which has helped thousands of couples save money and settle in the United States. If you don’t get a visa through us, you get your money back. Try it now:

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I would like to know how much time a K1 visa holder whose adjustment of status application is pending with the USCIS can spend outside the United States if granted one year multiple entry temporary travel documents (advance parole)?


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When I apply for the Adjustment of Status, when can my spouse get their driver's license?


Once their Employment Authorization (EAD) card arrives, they will be able to obtain their Social Security card as well as their Driver's license.

If you want to get started on your Adjustment of ......

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