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Red flags in your TN visa application

Your application for a TN visa can raise red flags and lead to heightened scrutiny. The most common red flags are:

1. Mismatched application – This can be the result of a lack of exact match between your degree, the TN occupational category and job offer. If there is no exact match, you must provide a clear theory of the case as to how there is a connection and support the theory with your documents.

2. Suspect categories – If you are applying under an occupational category that does not require a bachelor’s degree, such as Management Consultant and Scientific Technician/Technologist, then expect your application to be subject to extra scrutiny. U.S. Immigration officials consider the Management Consultant and Scientific Technician/Technologist categories to be widely abused. So if you are applying under any these categories, you must make sure that your application can withstand the extra scrutiny.

3. TN support letter language – Your TN support letter must describe in a simple language what you will be doing in your prospective job. If it uses complex language and if the U.S. immigration officer cannot understand the language, he may just deny your application, then it is a good chance the inspecting CBP officer will not be able to understand. Your TN support letter must clearly state in simple language how the particular job duties fall under a TN occupational category.

To check your TN visa application for possible red flags you can contact an experienced Immigration Attorney or obtain the TN Visa Expert Application Kit.

The TN Visa Application Kit will provide you with sample letters, step by step instructions on how to create your letter and prepare you for the border interview.

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