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TN Visa - Frequently Asked Question

What does my TN visa letter of employment need so that I get the TN Visa?


FAQ image First to clarify there is a difference between the offer letter you employer writes to you versus the TN Visa Employment Letter. This may be referred to as the TN Visa Employer Letter or the TN Visa Application Letter.

The offer letter is a contract between you and your employer. The TN Visa employment letter provides the essential information the Immigration Officer is looking for to understand how you meet the NAFTA requirements and how your job meets the NAFTA requirements.

The TN Visa employment letter that you submit to USCIS (US Immigration) requirements are that you have the correct information showing how you meet the NAFTA requirements, how the job meets the NAFTA requirements and your TN request.

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Submitted by: Vicky R. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada