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Solutions That Help You into The United States
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Apply for the TN Visa

Importance of the TN Visa Application

Not being prepared is what causes most people to be denied. First, their TN Visa Application with supporting documents is incomplete, not valid or does not look very professional. Second, at the border they say the wrong thing or they behave inappropriately.

Be prepared in these two areas and you will successfully obtain your TN Visa.

The TN Visa Expert Kit Gives You Everything to Get Approved

  • Provides the information to create a valid and professional TN Visa Application
  • Numerous TN Visa Sample letters provided to assist you
  • Ensures you have all the supporting documentation for your TN Visa application
  • Provides a List of common questions asked during the border interview
  • We prepare you for the border interview so you do not say or do anything that will jeopardize obtaining the TN Visa.

TN Visa Application Process:  The Border

A major factor to your success is determined by the interview at the border. Since you are applying in person for this visa, the U.S. Immigration Officer can ask you questions regarding your TN Visa application and your intent. Being prepared and knowing what to expect can make the difference. To ensure you are well prepared for border interview questions purchase the TN Visa Expert Application Kit.

The TN Visa Application for the TN1 Visa is very straightforward. To apply for the TN Visa, go to a U.S. Class “A” Port of Entry (a border crossing which processes TN Visas) and submit your TN Visa Application with all your supporting documents to an Immigration Officer.

You will be asked to wait, while an Immigration Officer reviews your TN Visa Application. 

You cannot apply at all border crossings

There are numerous border crossings, but not all of them can issue a TN Visa. Ensure you apply for a TN classification at a U.S. Class “A” Port of Entry.

Since your goal is to ensure you are granted the TN Visa, improve your chances by learning about which borders process the most TN Visa applications and more importantly how to prepare for the interview at the border.

The TN VISA Employer Letter

The TN Visa Employer Letter is a key component of the TN Visa Application. In addition to the interview at the border, the success of your TN Visa application hinges on the strength of your Employer letter. Through it you must demonstrate that you meet the eligibility criteria set forth by NAFTA.

The TN Visa Expert Application Kit – Platinum Edition provides several TN Visa sample employer letters and you will receive a custom TN Visa sample letter for the NAFTA Occupation you are applying for.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Having compiled articles, visa application stories, border stories, there are common mistakes people make that cause them to be denied their TN Visa. Learn the Common TN Visa Problems to Avoid.