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Solutions That Help You into The United States
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Qualify for the TN Visa

TN Visa Important Qualifications Notes

Qualifying for the TN Visa is the most essential step before proceeding to create your TN Visa Application.

This is the step in determining if your education, previous job experience and your new job combined meet the requirements of NAFTA.

Each person’s situation is unique and is evaluated as such by the Immigration Officer. Many people simply decide they will qualify because of the job title, or someone else they knew qualified under the same job title. The Immigration Officer will scrutinize your application to determine if you qualify under NAFTA we suggest you do the same and give the importance this step deserves.

Before incurring unnecessary costs, make sure you are selecting the correct NAFTA Occupation when applying for the TN Visa. Incorrect selection of the NAFTA Occupation is the number one reason people are denied their TN Visa.

Obtain the TN Visa Expert Kit to help you determine which NAFTA Occupation to apply under. If you are still unsure, consult with an Immigration Lawyer in the Lawyer Network to determine which NAFTA Occupation you best qualify for.

Job Titles And The NAFTA Occupational Job List

If your job title is not listed in the NAFTA Occupation Job List, you can still qualify for the TN Visa. The NAFTA Job List lists the basic job title for a given profession. Since there are many different job titles that can meet the NAFTA requirements, how you write your TN Visa Employer Letter will be pivotal in ensuring you successfully obtain your TN Visa.

If your job title is listed in the NAFTA Occupation Job List, this will makes it easier for you to successfully obtain your TN Visa.

In either case, TN Visa Expert Kit can help you quickly and easily determine if you qualify for the TN Visa.

Importance Of Your Job Description

The job description and the duties you will be performing are very important aspects in determining if you will obtain your TN Visa. For each NAFTA Occupation, there are key words the Immigration Officer is looking for to deny your application. Ensure you have determined in advance if your duties qualify under NAFTA.

Basic Qualification Criteria

To qualify under NAFTA for the TN Visa, you must meet the following basic criteria:

  • You are a Canadian, Mexican or U.S. citizen
  • The business activity/occupation you intend to engage in is one of the approved professions listed in NAFTA Appendix 1603.D
  • You are qualified to work in this business activity
  • You have been offered a job by a U.S., Canadian, or Mexican employer
  • The job offered is temporary in nature, up to a maximum stay of one year

Full time jobs do qualify for the TN Visa, read more in TN Visa Requirements.