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The Secret:  Be Prepared

Ensuring you are fully prepared will enable you to successfully obtain your TN Visa. Anxiety, worry and stress can be eliminated when you're well prepared. It's not enough to create a TN Visa Letter and go to the border. Knowledge is power. You've heard it before and it's true when obtaining your TN Visa.

The TN Visa Application Kit accomplishes exactly this. With the Kit, you will have all the information required to be fully prepared; it's written so you will understand how to be successful. Below are the key elements to being prepared and ensuring your success.

Key Elements To Being Well Prepared

Choosing the Correct NAFTA Occupation For You

When applying for the TN Visa you must choose a NAFTA Occupation. In "real life" most job titles do not neatly correspond to the NAFTA Occupation List. Nevertheless, most professional jobs do qualify under NAFTA if the done correctly. In combination with your degree, job experience and the current job you are able to determine the NAFTA Occupation that best works for you.  Click here to learn more.

Pay Special Attention to Highly Scrutinized NAFTA Occupations:

Some NAFTA Occupations that are highly scrutinized by the Immigration Officer. If you qualify for the TN Visa under one of these scrutinized occupations, proceed with care when creating your TN Visa Application. Read more about Highly Scrutinized NAFTA Occupations.

Write a Great Sample Letter

A great TN Visa Employer Letter will make the difference between successfully obtaining your TN Visa or being denied. The TN Visa Employer Letter is not the same as your employer's offer letter. The TN Visa Employer Letter explains how you qualify for the TN Visa. It has key components that the Immigration Officer is looking for in order to determine if you should receive the TN Visa.

The TN Visa is a very subjective process. Preparing your TN Visa Employer Letter so it shows how you qualify for the TN Visa is very important. Learn How to Write a Great TN Visa Employer Letter.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Being prepared means knowing what to do and what NOT to do. Our lawyers have extensive information on why people are denied, what the Immigration Officer is looking for to deny people, and what information will make a difference between successfully obtaining your TN Visa and being denied.  Read more about the How to Avoid Being Denied.

Be Prepared For The Border Interview

Preparation for the Border Interview is critical to your success. Below are the critical aspects to being prepared for the border process.
  • Being able to explain why you qualify for the TN Visa
  • Ensuring you know the questions that will likely be asked by the Immigration Officer
  • How to dress for the border
  • Appropriate border behavior (rules of conduct)
  • Supporting documentation for your TN Visa Application
  • Having the correct documentation for your dependents so they get their TD Visa

The TN Visa Expert Application Kit will ensure you have all the information mentioned above so you can quickly create a valid TN Visa Application, are prepared for the border interview, successfully obtain your TN Visa and can start working in the U.S.