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Pichan G. - (USA - Philippines) 

"a special thanks to the Support Team"

"Thank you, TN Visa Expert, for all your help, resources, support and patience as we got from the beginning of the K-1 visa process through the interview. The instructions are easy to follow step by step until the processing is complete is fantastic! and now me and my fiance are together. And a special thanks to the Support Team. They were so helpful with my needs.

Thank you a lot for your help"


Jean & Jessica

"We were approved in less than 4 months!"

TN Visa Expert helped us successfully navigate the green card application procedure from start to finish.

From helping us gather the appropriate documents to filling out the forms for us, they made the entire process quick and painless, and we were approved in less than four months. Thanks!!

Jean & Jessica

Fiona and Mark (USA - Canada)

"Started end of July, approved in November! Worth every penny."

I found TN Visa Expert when looking on-line for information on how to adjust status to a Green Card. My case was fairly straightforward, but I was nervous about the significant amount of paperwork involved and the possibility that even one mistake could result in major delays to my application.

I didn’t have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on an immigration lawyer, so TN Visa Expert was the perfect solution.

I got a call back within 2 hours of my initial call, and found the company to be extraordinarily courteous, responsive and competent. The process was efficient and easy to follow. I felt much better knowing that the packet was sent in error-free.

My first call to the company was in mid-July and I received my approval notice on November 1st. I highly recommend the services offered by TN Visa Expert – it was worth every penny!

Fiona and Mark (USA - Canada)

Nohemi and Ben(USA - Italy)

"We were so worried on what to do…I am so happy there's people like you"

We were so lucky to find you guys! We were so worried on what we should do in order for me to get a green card! TN Visa Expert helped us get our documents in the fastest way possible, with little work on our side. As soon as we started our process we were immediately contacted and started on the process. During the whole process we never felt abandoned or neglected. You guys are wonderful! I am so happy there’s people like you, who truly understand someone’s needs!

Nohemi D (USA - Italy)

Jonathan and Joyce

"Everything was handled in a personalized manner according to my needs"

The Visa Streamline Service has been invaluable in helping me obtain “permanent resident status” in the United States.

The transition ended up seamless because of this innovative service that is available to people in a similar situation at a very reasonable cost. I was pleased with how the preliminary assessment, gathering of required information, and turnaround of documents that would later be filed to USCIS were all done in a well-organized and timely manner.

Perhaps the main things that stood out to me with this service were the courtesy and attention to detail shown by the staff I corresponded with. Everything was handled in a personalized manner according to my needs.

Without any hesitation, I would fully recommend this service to anyone who is seeking permanent residence in the United States.

Jonathan and Joyce

Michael David - (USA - Canada)

"answered all my questions, kept me informed..."

"I contacted TN Visa Expert in March about a Green Card application based on marriage. They informed me of the process with the Visa Streamline service, and that it typically takes six months to complete. They answered all of my questions, kept me informed, and were very easy to work with. Today, I received notification from USCIS that my Green Card is in transport, which is within six months. I'm very pleased with the service and am now working with them to apply for my daughter's green card."


S.D. (USA - Europe)

"prompt service...treated as a REAL person"

"Trying to receive trusted service is very difficult thing to do. My experience with TN Visa Expert has been excellent.

I received prompt service over the phone and via email, my questions and concerns were addressed professionally and quickly.

I have been treated as a REAL person, not like a number. That is so important in this day and age, especially during a stressful scenario such as this.

I found TN Visa Expert has taken a lot of the burden off my shoulders. It is greatly appreciated!

I would recommend this service to anyone who needs some help!"


Calvin - (USA - Mexico)

"the honesty is what I really appreciated"

"TN Visa Expert helps you get your your proper documentation done correctly and faster versus doing it yourself dealing with long delays. I was sitting at home frustrated trying to get my fiancee documents done alone. I have friends currently living in the U.S. that tried doing everything on their own and they are still not finished with this process.

I didn’t have any knowledge of TN Visa Expert, so I called them and they explained everything to me as clear as possible and I felt very confident with their services. My fiancee is Mexican and I am trying to apply for a K1 visa.

TN Visa Expert has been very helpful to me in many ways. They have provided the steps to get the proper documents. If I did something wrong they inform me immediately. They have been very straight forward with me in really explaining whether I will qualify and not sugar coating anything.

The honesty is what I really appreciated about them. From my personal experience with TN Visa Expert, I would advise any person that is trying to get a marriage visa to let TN Visa Expert assist them. Thumbs up for TN Visa Expert!"


Adrianne - (USA - Canada)

"all I had to do was answer a few questions...they did the rest!"

"TN Visa Expert made the Adjustment of Status process very smooth and stress free.

I had their help to get my original TN Visa, then again to renew it.

The Adjustment of status to get my Green card required a lot of forms to be filled out, but with their help all I had to do was answer a few questions and TN Visa Expert did the rest!

Now that I have my Green card, I am able to live and work in the U.S., and I don’t have to worry about travelling in and out of the country.

Thanks again, TN Visa Expert!"


arie Thomassin - (Quebec City, Quebec)

"...I recommend this company to everyone"

"I am very happy with my experience with TN Visa Expert. I bought a TN Visa kit last week...I recommend this company to everyone. I trust them and if I need other products in the future, i will certainly appeal to TN Visa Expert"

-- Marie Thomassin
Quebec City, Quebec

Michael Bethel - (Toronto, Ontario)

"For the price it was well worth it"

"I purchased your product online and found the information extremely helpful. I was recently approved under TN status as a Pharmacologist/Biologist. I just wanted to thank your organization for creating a guideline that was easy to understand and follow. For the price it was well worth it. I have known people who have not been as prepared as this kit made me and they were obviously refused. I would gladly recommend your kit to anyone qualified for a TN Visa to buy this well informed, inexpensive kit. "

-- Michael Bethel, Pharmacologist/Biologist
Toronto, Ontario