TN Visa Essential Check List

Follow these 11 essential steps to help you complete your TN Visa Application.

TN Visa - Frequently Asked Question

I have been entering the U.S. on a B-1 business visitor visa but this time the Immigration Officer said I need a TN Visa for a Management Consultant. What should I do?


FAQ image This is a very common occurrence. Depending on how you explained the purpose of your business visit and due to the subjectivity of the visas, the Immigration Officer has informed you the B-1 visa does not apply to you.

IMPORTANT: Do not reattempt to enter the U.S. under the B-1 visa.

Your next step is to download the TN Visa Expert Kit Platinum Edition from here.

The TN Visa Expert Kit will provide you step by step instructions to create your application, prepare you for the border interview as well as receiving custom sample letters for Managment Consultants.

Also ensure you read the special section for Management Consultants we have in the TN Kit to ensure you understand what aspects are specifically scrutinized by the Officer.

Submitted by: Kelly S. of Vancouver, B.C., Canada