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Marriage Green Card Problems - TN Visa Expert

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Avoid These Green Card by Marriage Problems

A Green card by marriage is available to anyone who entered the U.S. legally and is married to a U.S. citizen and the marriage is real. You will be applying for your Adjustment of Status (I-485).

To successfully obtain a Green Card by marriage do not rush into getting married and filing your Adjustment of Status. If you act in accordance with various US Immigration (USCIS) requirements you will not raise their suspicions and can obtain your Green card quickly and without problems.

Marriage Visa Tip

Getting married to a U.S. citizen does not guarantee you will get your Green card by marriage. If you do not take the correct measures before and after getting married you can cause yourself a lot of problems and raise red flags with US Immigration (USCIS) which will prompt them to scrutinize your case. This will cost delays and stress you could have avoided.

Problem 1: Entry into the U.S.

You, the foreign spouse, must have entered the U.S. legally. Entering the U.S. legally means you crossed at an official border port of entry (airport/land/seaport), inspected by an immigration officer and given a legal non-immigrant visa to enter the U.S. Valid non-immigrant visas include a tourist visa (B1/B2 visa), student visa (F1 visa), a temporary working visa or entering under the Visa waiver program (VWP) or ESTA.

  • Yes, I have entered the U.S. legally.

Great! You are on your way to obtaining the green card by marriage without raising USCIS scrutiny.

If you entered illegally you will need to speak to a lawyer. Contact us at

Problem 2: Overstaying on Your Visa

If you entered the U.S. legally you want to ensure you do not stay longer than your visa permits. You will want to get married and file your Adjustment of Status (I-485) before your visa expires. If you do this and file your Adjustment of Status application correctly you will be able to stay in the U.S., work legally and travel abroad while you wait to receive your Green card.

  • Yes, my visa has not expired.

Great! You are on your way to obtaining the green card by marriage without raising USCIS scrutiny.

If you have stayed past the authorized dates of your visa, email us so we can help you determine how best to apply for your Green card. Email us at

Marriage Visa Tip

Do not get married on the last week before your visa expires. It is very important to leave enough time to prepare for your Adjustment of Status Application. Most people require at least 1-2 weeks to gather all the supporting documents for the Adjustment of Status application. We can complete your Adjustment of Status USCIS documents within 1-2 days depending on the urgency.

Problem 3: Your Intent upon U.S. Entry

One important area that can cause many applicants problems with their green card by marriage is what you say to the Immigration Officer when you enter the U.S. and are obtaining your non-immigrant visa. If the Immigration Officer asks you what your purpose or intent to visit the U.S. is and you state for work or travel but in fact it is to get married - then this could raise problems for you when you apply for your green card via the Adjustment of Status process.

If your intent is to visit and you meet someone after you arrive or you decide to get married after you are in the U.S. you can reduce problems by waiting 60/90 days to get married. Read more below.

Marriage Visa Tip

If you entered the U.S. on a visitor, business visa or any other non-immigrant visa, and then changed your intent to get married try to avoid getting married in the first 30 days. It is best to stay in the country 60-90 days and then get married. Immediately after this you can file your Adjustment of Status so you do not have to leave the U.S. until you obtain your Green card by marriage.

If the Immigration Officer does not ask and you do not disclose any information, then there has NOT been any fraudulent misrepresentation and you can apply for your adjustment of status for the green card by marriage.

  • Yes, I have not misrepresented myself.

Great! You are on your way to obtaining the green card by marriage without raising USCIS scrutiny.

Problem 4: Marrying Within 30 days of U.S. Entry

If you entered the U.S. on a non-immigrant visa (tourist visa, business visa, student visa, etc), it is best you do not get married within 30-60 days of your entry date. Whether your intention was legitimate or not, this action can raise suspicions and your goal is to obtain your marriage by green card quickly without delays and scrutiny. Remember you will have a marriage interview where an Officer will be asking you questions and you must tell the truth.

If you are still in a rush, consider that by waiting an extra month before filing your green card by marriage application you may avoid any delays during the application process. That is, if your application raises suspicions of USCIS, they may send you a Request for Evidence which means you will need to spend more time providing additional documentation and delaying your application.

It is ideal to wait 60-90 days after entry to get married and then immediately submit your Adjustment of Status application.

  • Yes, I am not getting married within 30 days of entry.

Great! You are on your way to obtaining the green card by marriage without raising USCIS scrutiny.

Problem 5: Mistakes/Omissions in Your Application

This is one of the most common problems that cause people delays and raises the suspicions of USCIS. When you make mistakes, provide inconsistent, insufficient or contradictory information in your Adjustment of Status application, it leads USCIS to scrutinize your Green card by marriage application. They will most likely send you a Request for Evidence causing delays in your green card by marriage application.

Marriage Visa Tip

Avoid mistakes and delays by using the Visa Streamline System to have all the USCIS forms completed and your application prepared quickly and affordably without high lawyer fees. We will also help prepare you for the marriage interview.

Problem 6: Not Being Prepared for the Marriage Interview

The Green card marriage interview may only take 15 minutes or it can take hours. This will completely depend on how well prepared you and your spouse are.
You will be asked numerous marriage interview questions and hopefully you will be able to answer them correctly. If the Immigration Officer catches you lying or contradicting yourself or your spouse, more questions will be asked.

To make the marriage interview go more smoothly, before arriving at the interview you should:

  • Be on time for your marriage interview
  • Have all your paperwork organized
  • Be able to answer the sample marriage interview questions
  • Listen to the questions asked and answer honestly
  • Yes, I am prepared for the Green card by marriage interview.

Great! You are on your way to obtaining the green card by marriage without raising USCIS scrutiny.

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