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I have a TN Visa and I am getting married to an American. What do I need to do to get my green card?


Before you start applying for your Green card, you must ensure your TN Visa will not expire during the Green card application process. You will then apply for your Adjustment of Status (I-485). Email if you have any questions about your situation.
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Here are the options to complete your application:
1. Do it yourself. Most people find doing the immigration research, finding the forms, completing the forms to be time consuming, confusing and quite stressful. It can become more problematic if you make a mistake and USCIS wants additional proof of your marriage being valid.

2. You can hire a lawyer. This will cost approximately $1800 + USCIS filing fees. Email us at if you wish to proceed with this option.

3. Use the Marriage Visa Preparation System. This is a lawyer approved automated system which saves you time, worry and stress. You complete our easy online form and our legal experts complete your Adjustment of Status Application. Cost is $749 + USCIS filing fees.
You will get the following:
1. We answer all your marriage visa questions throughout the process.
2. Free phone consultation with a lawyer to ensure you qualify and identify possible red flags in your case
3. You complete our easy online questionnaire form
4. We complete all your USCIS marriage visa forms
5. We provide you marriage interview success information
6. A lawyer reviews and verifies your application.
7. A money back guarantee if you do not receive your visa

You can purchase the Visa Streamline System Adjustment of Status here:

Submitted by: Jesus M. of Boston, MA, USA

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