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TN Visa - Frequently Asked Question

I am a Mexican, I have a TN Visa and got married last year. My TN Visa expires in 4 months. Can we file for adjustment of status or should I renew my TN Visa?


FAQ image You are in a precarious situation. If you renew your TN Visa you may be denied because of being married to a U.S. citizen and the Immigration Officer may not believe your intent is to be in the U.S. on a temporary basis.

You may can file your adjustment of status and also file the work authorization form. This will get you a work permit 30-90 days after you file your adjustment of status, so you would no longer require a TN Visa.

IMPORTANT: File your Adjustment of Status application as soon as possible so that you receive your work authorization before your TN Visa expires.

Consider using the Visa Streamline System to file your Adjustment of Status ($749). We have had customers file their application in as little as 3 days.

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Submitted by: Abel M. of San Diego, California, USA