TN Visa Essential Check List

Follow these 11 essential steps to help you complete your TN Visa Application.


TN Visa Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

How to Get a Job with the TN Visa

If you have not yet secured a job offer by an employer willing to hire you with a TN Visa, the following information will help you successfully deal with common TN Visa concerns that might come up in a job interview. Most employers are either averse to hiring foreign nationals or are not educated of the requirements to hire a foreign national.

Be Able to Answer Your Employer's TN Visa Questions

An important fact that most people do not know is that when you can clearly communicate the TN Visa process and address your employer's concerns, they can then hire you for your skills and not deny you because of their fear about getting an immigration visa.

Most employers do not understand how quick and easy the TN Visa is to obtain. They think it is like the H1-B Visa an immediately disqualify you from the job.

But if you know how to answer their questions explain that you can complete the TN Visa Application yourself with no cost to them - then you will get the job.

How do you do this? No problem. Get the TN Visa Expert Application Kit. It shows you how to do this easily. You get all the TN Visa information, step by step instructions to create the TN Visa Application, TN Visa sample letters, how to obtain visas for your dependents and it prepares you for the border interview so you are not denied.

What to Say in the First Interview

Your first objective is to obtain an interview so you can prove to the employer that you are the most qualified and would be an enormous asset to the company. Here are points that will aid you in being called for a first interview:

  • You do not need to state your Citizenship in your resume.
  • If possible, wait to bring up your Citizenship and immigration visa needs until after your first successful job interview. Use the first interview to show your skills and your value.
  • If required, be prepared to discuss your Citizenship and immigration visa needs in the first interview.
  • Discuss the TN Visa once you have read the TN Visa Expert Application Kit, so you can answer your employer's questions.

Your first interview is for you to show your future employer how you will be an asset to their company and the best person for the job. Once you've established this, you will want to discuss your immigration visa needs. This may occur in the first interview or a follow-up interview. The key to your success is to be prepared about discussing your immigration visa needs.

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Know Your Facts 

Being knowledgeable about the TN Visa is of utmost importance. When you can confidently and easily explain the TN Visa Application process addressing any questions and concerns your potential employer might have, they will be able to make a decision irrespective of you being a foreign national requiring an immigration visa.

While you are looking for a job, leveraging the knowledge and expertise of a recruiter can be invaluable.  When you can prove to recruiters that you are knowledgeable of the TN Visa and serious about finding a NAFTA job, the recruiters will be more motivated to quickly find a job for you.