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Can I Change Jobs With TN Visa?

Can I Change Jobs With TN Visa?


You can switch jobs on your TN Visa, but let’s navigate this carefully to ensure a smooth transition.

Multiple TN Visas

You can indeed hold multiple TN visas. Many savvy TN applicants stick with their current job until they secure the TN Visa in person for the new one. This cautious approach safeguards your stay in the U.S. in case the new TN visa application hits a roadblock.

In-Person vs. Mail Application

Opting for an in-person application at a port of entry is your best bet. Why? Because applying by mail can be a labyrinth of complications, making the job switch less seamless.

Now, let’s break down your options for obtaining that coveted TN Visa:

  1. Form I-129 Petition by Mail: You can go this route, but bear in mind it’s a bit intricate and doesn’t offer the flexibility of switching jobs easily.
  2. In-Person Application at a Port of Entry: Picture this: You’re in the U.S., working at your current job. To make the switch, you need to leave the country and apply for the new job upon re-entry. The beauty of this is that your current TN Visa remains valid. If, for any reason, your new application faces a hiccup, you can seamlessly return to the U.S. on your existing TN Visa. This gives you the freedom to address any issues, gather additional supporting information, and resubmit your application at a later date.

In a nutshell, it’s like having a backup plan in case things don’t unfold as expected.

Your Next Move

Consider using the TN Visa Expert Kit. It’s like having a legal genie in a bottle to help you swiftly put together your TN Visa application. They’ve got the expertise to guide you through the process and ensure you’re well-prepared for the journey ahead.

Need a lifeline? Reach out to the visa gurus at or give them a ring at 800-471-6326. Oh, and they’re on Skype too: tnvisaexpert.

Changing jobs on a TN Visa can be a bit of a dance, but with the right steps, you’ll be smoothly transitioning into your new professional chapter in no time.

Submitted by: Timothy G. of San Diego, California, USA

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