K1 Visa Application: LAWYER REVIEW

Key Features:

  1. EXCLUSIVE: Speak to a Lawyer about your K1 Visa Application and get the support you need.
  2. EXCLUSIVE: A Lawyer will Provide Feedback Specific to Your K1 Fiance Application
  3. EXCLUSIVE: Phone Call with a Lawyer to Improve Your K1 Visa Application and Answer Your Questions.
  4. EXCLUSIVE: Receive a Special K1 Application Review Checklist Document

Product Details:

  • Special Negotiated Price for you to get an experienced Immigration Lawyer's time
  • Upload your K1 Application documents for the Lawyer to review.
  • Experienced Immigration Attorney will provide feedback via email.
  • Scheduled 20-30 minute phone call with Immigration Attorney.
  • Lawyer will provide suggestions to strengthen your Application for greater success.
  • Lawyer will provide helpful tips for your situation.
  • Lawyer will answer your questions.
  • You will receive a K1 Application Review Checklist Document to help you strengthen your application. You will receive list of possible red flags, supporting documents checklist, sample letters for affidavit, employment letter sample, sample cover letter and more.

NOTE: In this service, the lawyer will briefly review your USCIS forms. It is your responsibility to complete your forms correctly. If you have questions about anything on your forms, you may ask this on your phone call. Please use your phone consultation time wisely.