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Bangkok, Thailand – K1 Visa, K3 Visa, Marriage Visas

Always Know The Status of Your Application in Bangkok, Thailand

Time Difference: GMT -5hrs

K1 Visa / K3 Visa Processing Times: 4-5 Months from the time the Embassy contacts you with your Packet 3.

Embassy Website:

Embassy Email Address: or


The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand is responsible for issuing all immigrant visas for Thailand. The process of applying for an immigrant visa (a K1/K3 visa is technically a non-immigrant visa, but most embassies consider them as immigrant visas) starts with a U.S. citizen or US employer beginning the process and submitting a petition on your behalf in the U.S.

The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand will process K1/K2/K3/K4 Visas. Contacting this Embassy via email will result in a response to your inquiry.

K1 Visa and K3 Visa interviews will be conducted by this Embassy after the approved K1 and K3 petitions have arrived from the National Visa Center and the applicant has returned their Packet 3 documents to the Embassy. K1 and K3 visa Interviews are by appointment only.

US Embassy – Chiang Mai, Thailand

The US Embassy in Chiang Mai, Thailand does not process K1 or K3 visas. K1 and K3 visa applicants will need to go to the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok.

Marriage Visa Interviews

1. Scheduling Interviews.

K1 Visa (Fiance visa), K3 Visa (Spouse visa) interviews are scheduled by the Embassy. When you have completed Packet 3 and mailed it to the Embassy, you will be contacted via email with an interview date. The Embassy attempts to schedule the interview within 60 months but this is not guaranteed.

2. Missed Interview Appointment.

If you missed your K1 Visa (Fiance visa), K3 Visa (Spouse visa) or Immigrant visa appointment you should contact the Embassy to have your interview rescheduled. You may do this by email or calling the Embassy.

3. Expedited Cases.

Only K1 Visa (Fiance visa), K3 Visa (Spouse visa) are expedited for documented medical emergencies and active duty GIs deploying abroad.

Marriage Interview Questions – K1 Visa, K3 Visa

It is very important you are honest on how you met your fiance. If you met your fiance through a marriage broker, the Consular Officer may enquire more about it, but try to remain calm. The enquiry has nothing to the validty of your relationship, but rather if the marriage broker followed international rules and guidelines.

Marriage Interview Tip

Consular Officers ask which language your fiance prefers (Thai or English). It is better to prefer English so as to prove that there is no problem with communication between you and your fiance.

Here are some sample marriage interview questions you may be asked

  1. When is your fiance’s birthday?
  2. What does your fiance do for a living? What is their job title?
  3. Where does your fiance live?
  4. Does your fiance have any brothers and sisters?
  5. How did you meet your fiance?
  6. How much time have you spent together?
  7. When was the last time you saw your fiance?
  8. What do you love about your fiance?
  9. Who proposed? When and where?
  10. Did you have an engagement party?
  11. Have you started planning the wedding?
  12. Have you sent out a formal marriage announcement?
  13. you have any children?
  14. Does your fiance have any children? Do they live with your fiance?

The marriage interview questions are asked for various purposes such as verifying the information in your application, determining the bonafide nature of the relationship and more. Do not over analyze why the questions are being asked. Simply answer them honestly and wait for the next question. If you do not know the answer, do not lie.

K1 Visa, K3 Visa for Philippines

Application Process

1. Complete your K1/K3 Visa Application and mail it to USCIS.

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2. K1/K3 Visa Approval Notification Letter (NOA1 and NOA2)

After you sent your application to the USCIS you will receive a letter usually after a week informing you that they have received your application along with the documents attached to your application. (Notice of Action – 1 NOA1)

USCIS will then take 2-3 months to process the application. This is one of the longest wait period in the K-1 Visa process and highlights why it is important to have all the documents in order when making the initial application. This is processed depending on where in the United States you live. It could be either the Vermont Service Center or the California Service Center.

After they processed your petition along with the documents you have forwarded to their office, the USCIS will inform you if your petition is approved. Once it is approved, USCIS will send you a letter stating that the petition has been approved. This is known in the K-1 Visa process as (Notice of Action – 2 NOA2). They then forward your approved petition to the National Visa Center (NVC).

3. K1/K3 Visa Process National Visa Center

Once the National Visa Center (NVC) has your petition they can either deny or approve it. Once approved, you will receive a letter informing you that your K1 Visa or K3 Visa (I-129F) petition has been approved and a copy of which shall be sent to the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand.

4. K1/K3 Visa Process Starts in Bangkok, Thailand

The US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand will send a notice to your fiance(e). This is commonly called the Packet 3. This usually takes 2 to 3 weeks.

Once your fiance(e) has completed the Packet 3 and mailed it to the embassy, the staff will contact them to set an interview date and request any other documents that may be needed and that would have to be translated into English.

Mail all documents to:
Return all the documents and forms immediately by mail to:
US Embassy, Consular Section, Immigrant Visa Unit
120-122 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Bangkok 10330

5. Packet 4 and Interview Scheduled

After you submitted the necessary documents for Packet 3, the Consular Office will send you an email with your interview date. You will also receive instructions of what to bring to your interview. This is what is commonly referred to as Packet 4.

Sample Documents Commonly Required:

  • Interview Appointment Cover Letter
  • Special Instructions for Thai Applicant, Written in English/Thai
  • Order of Documents/Checklist to bring to Interview
  • Required Medical Documents

You must bring all the required documents with you to your marriage interview. If you do this correctly your interview will go much quicker. If you do not, you will be asked to return another day with the appropriate documents. This can cause a lot of delays and frustration.

When you use the Visa Streamline System – K1 Visa, we will provide this complete list to you ahead of time, so you can be prepared as soon as the U.S. Embassy contacts you.

6. Day of your Marriage Interview.

Arrive slightly earlier than your appointed time. This U.S. Embassy is organized, and you will be guided through to the correct locations. Bring all your documents and have them organized.

Your documents will be reviewed and prepared for an interview with the consular officer. Be prepared for this to take 1-3 hours, essentially you should plan to spend half a day here.

If your case is approved, your K1 visa or K3 visa will be issued the following workday.

K1 Visa/K3 Visa – Next Steps

1. Get your Questions Answered.

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