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Follow these 11 essential steps to help you complete your TN Visa Application

    Renew Your TN Visa With Confidence

    Things You Should Know Before Applying By Mail

    While the initial acquisition of TN status for Canadian applicants usually takes place at the border, TN-1 (TN1) applicants may have occasion to request other benefits from the USCIS after admission to the US. The most “popular” such post-admission application is for an extension of stay with the same employer that facilitated the initial admission. It’s also possible to file a change of request of TN status within the US.

    Officially, the USCIS United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) accepts extension requests for TN workers at its Service Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. These requests are filed on a petition submitted by the employer with a fee. The USCIS processes the petition and (assuming approval is granted) issues a decision and I-94 card with the extended dates. Dependents apply simultaneously, on a separate form and with an additional fee.

    Many Canadian TN-1 workers find the formality of the official extension process at odds with the ease of the initial entry, and elect to venture back up to the border to make a new entry rather than extend through the mail.

    Another advantage to renewing TN-1 status at the border is that it can be immediately granted, whereas an application by mail can take up to 3 months.

    Another important piece of information many applicants do not realize is that an Employer Letter is required irrespective of whether one is applying at the border or via mail.

    What The TN Visa Expert Kit Can Provide For You:

    1. A full list of the advantages and disadvantages of applying at the border vs. applying by mail
    2. A Sample Employer Letter that can be used for any job title. As well as a sample letter for a Renewal/Extension of Stay.
    3. Information on the renewal process
    4. A list of the most common mistakes applicants make and how to avoid them.

    TN Visa Expert’s Recommended Approach for Applying by Mail

    This is our recommended approach to renewing a TN Visa by mail. Our customers have used this proven technique and have successfully renewed/extended their TN-1 Visa.

    1. Fill out the Form I-129 and Form I-539 as best as you can. There will be sections that you will not be able to complete — leave this for your employer.
    2. Obtain the TN Visa Expert Kit. We provide a sample TN Visa Extension Letter that you can use as a template for your application. Use this and the Step-by-Step instructions that we provide to create your letter.
    3. Submit this information to your employer, and have them complete their portion.

    The Most Common Mistakes Applicants Make And How To Avoid Them.

    1. Use the information in the TN Visa Expert Kit to ensure you have created a professional, valid and complete application.
    2. Use TN Visa Expert Kit’s checklist to ensure you has all your documents before you apply.
    3. Use the Lawyer Network. This service allows you to have your application reviewed by an experienced immigration lawyer. The lawyer will provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve your application to increase your chances of success. To reduce your worries and help you feel more confident, this Application Review Service allows you to speak to a lawyer on the phone giving you the opportunity to ask your questions and have them answered by a professional. Using a lawyer from the Lawyer Network is optional and recommended if you want to have the application you created using the TN Visa Expert Kit validated by a professional for your specific case.
    4. Make the recommended changes that are suggested by the lawyer you hired.
    5. Submit your application.