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K1 Fiance Visa Process Explained

What is the K1 Visa Process?

The K1 Visa process is a method through which an American can file a K1 Visa Application and bring his or her foreign fiancé into the U.S. so that they can get married. Once the non-American fiancé is in the U.S. and the couple has been married, the foreign fiancé can then apply for his or her Green Card.

Many people do not understand the K1 Visa process, make mistakes, feel stressed, and constantly worry about what is happening to their K1 Visa Application and whether or not it has been denied. Understanding the K1 Visa Process gives you a clear picture of the whole procedures, the different stages, and how long it can take for each stage to be completed.


K1 Visa Process Stage 1

Complete Your Application

Length of Time: 3 days to 3 months
This is the first and most critical step in your K1 Visa Application. You must know which U.S. Immigration (USCIS) forms to complete and what supporting documents are required for your situation. Many people do not realize that including a well-written cover letter with your Application can help speed up your K1 Visa Application process.

This stage can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 months. If you decide to do it yourself, you may need to spend a lot of time in internet research, learning what USCIS forms are required, how to complete the forms, what supporting documents are required, etc. You can easily spend 3 months learning how to complete this stage.

When you use the Visa Streamline System – K1 Fiancé Visa, your application can be completed and ready to submit to USCIS in as little as 3 days. You don’t have to spend time learning how to apply. You will use our online system to quickly complete our easy questionnaire and upload your supporting documents. You will also have a strategy session with an immigration lawyer so you can ask questions and address any red flags in your case. As soon as your K1 Visa Application is prepared, it can be sent to USCIS.

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K1 Visa Process Stage 2

Application Received Notification (NOA1)

Length of Time: 2 to 3 weeks
Your USCIS Service Center will send you a Notice of Action (NOA) informing you that they have received your K1 petition and are starting to review it.


K1 Visa Process Stage 3

Application Approved Notification (NOA2)

Length of Time: 1 to 5 months
Your USCIS Service Center will send you a Notice of Action (NOA) informing you that they have approved your K1 petition. This is the part of the K1 visa application process that takes the most time. (Click here to check the USCIS Service Center Processing Times.)


K1 Visa Process Stage 4

NVC Receives Application

Length of Time: 2 weeks
Your USCIS Service Center will forward your K1 visa application to the National Visa Center (NVC). Your case will be assigned a local Embassy number based on the U.S. Embassy in your fiancé’s country.
(Click here to see the Embassy Case Number Prefixes)

Optional: Get your new local embassy case number.
1 week after receiving your NOA2, you can call the NVC (Tel: 603-334-070). Have the NOA2 receipt number with you. Ask them if your case has arrived at NVC. If so, ask if an MTL number has been assigned and if the case has been sent to Montreal. (Here we used the Montreal U.S. Embassy example for “MTL”). Find your Embassy Case Number and use this 3-character prefix when you call in.


K1 Visa Process Stage 5

U.S. Embassy Receives Application

Length of Time: 1 to 5 weeks
The NVC will forward your K1 Visa application to the U.S. Embassy in your fiancé’s country. The Embassy will review the application and prepare an instructions letter to your foreign fiancé, to explain what is required of him or her.


K1 Visa Process Stage 6

Foreign Fiancé Receives Instructions

Length of Time: 1 week to 4 months
Each U.S. Embassy has slightly different requirements, so following the instructions letter is critical.


K1 Visa Process Stage 7

Foreign Fiancé Prepares Application

Length of Time: 1 week to 2+ months
The foreign fiancé must follow the instructions letter and provide all the supporting documents requested.

When you use the Visa Streamline System – K1 Fiancé Visa, we will complete all the USCIS forms and help to gather supporting documentation. This will help your fiancé to complete this portion of the Application very quickly.

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K1 Visa Process Stage 8

Foreign Fiancé Submits Application

Each embassy has different submission options. Your fiancé should follow the instructions and mail the application.


K1 Visa Process Stage 9

U.S. Embassy Sets Interview Date

Length of Time: 1 week
The U.S. Embassy will send another package with instructions for your fiancé’s interview date, including a list of the documents he or she should bring. This will also include details for completing the medical interview. Your fiance should follow the instructions and prepare for the interview.


K1 Visa Process Stage 10

Foreign Fiancé Completes Medical Interview

Each embassy has different requirements for the medical interview. Either your fiancé will have his or her medical interview before the K1 visa interview date or on the same day. Follow the Embassy instructions and complete the medical interview.


K1 Visa Process Stage 11

Marriage Interview

Length of Time: up to 1 month from Stage 9
This is the day you have been working so hard toward. Your fiancé should follow the U.S. Embassy’s instructions and arrive at the Embassy office at the appropriate time. He or she should have all required documentation, follow instructions, and be prepared to wait in lines. By the end of this day, your fiancé will know whether or not he or she has been approved for a K1 Visa.


K1 Visa Process Stage 12

Foreign Fiancé Receives K1 Visa

Length of Time: same day to 1 month
Depending on the Embassy, your fiancé will either receive the K1 Visa on the same day as the interview, or it will be mailed.


K1 Visa Process Stage 13

Foreign Fiancé Flies to the U.S. and Gets Married

Congratulations. Now you can book your fiance’s trip to the U.S. He or she will need to show the K1 Visa to the Immigration Officer upon entry into the U.S. Your fiancé will have 90 days to obtain a civil marriage. Once the two of you have gotten married, he or she can file an Adjustment of Status to obtain a Green card.


Your K1 Visa Next Steps

1. Get your Questions Answered.

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2. Use the Automated Marriage Visa Streamline System

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