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Solutions That Help You into The United States
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Don’t Get Denied Your Marriage Visa

You may receive a RFE (Request for Evidence) from the USCIS if they need more information, before making a decision on your application for your K1 marriage visa, K3/CR1 visa or adjustment of status. RFE is not an absolute denial, but it does mean that the USCIS found something dissatisfactory with the application you’ve submitted. Not every application for a marriage visa will be sent an RFE, so if you do receive one, ensure you follow the steps below.

3 Must-DOs for Responding to a Request for Evidence (RFE)

1.    Return by Deadline

You must return the RFE by the deadline. If you fail to do so, your application may be considered abandoned or denied. There are no second chances with RFE, so make sure you submit it in good time. Use a recorded delivery service, so there is no question later on of when your RFE was delivered to the USCIS.

2.    Partial is better than None

If you are unable to gather all the information requested on the RFE, provide what you can. If you don’t submit anything by the deadline, your application will not be progressed further. However, if you submit whatever you have, then USCIS will make a decision by taking that information into consideration.

If this is the case with your RFE, that you only have partial information to provide, contact us at for further assistance on how to proceed.

We may be able to assist you as often there are substitutes you can provide, or make your case in a way that what you don’t have may not hinder your application.

3.    Make Copies before Submission

Ensure you make copies of the RFE (Request for Evidence) notice itself, and keep it for your records because you will be submitting the original blue page back to the USCIS. Also keep a copy of the shipping receipt in case there is a question of whether it was received by USCIS.

Also keep copies of any information you provide with your RFE.

If you receive a RFE because of red flags in your circumstances, then be careful and consider getting expert advice. RFE is a one-shot deal, and you have to provide the information requested, within the time allotted, or your application will be denied.

You can use it to your advantage by considering it an opportunity to make your case, and providing the USCIS with the information that will work in your favour. If you need help or have any further questions, contact us at

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