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For my marriage visa what documents/forms do I need to show proof of the minimum income being met and that it is above the poverty guidelines?


FAQ image The minimum income requirements applies to all marriage visas which include: Adjustment of Status, K1 fiance visa, K3/CR1 spouse visa.

For you to show that you meet the minimum income requirements, without raising red flags at USCIS, you should have the following documents:
- Your recent federal tax return
- Your official wage statements
- Proof of current income (pay stubs, bank statements)
- Additional supporting documents will be identified based on your situation when you use the Visa Streamline Service

If you do not have this information, you may be able to use your assets but there are more requirements and the required monetary amounts are higher.

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Remember, the Visa Streamline Service will ensure all your requirements and any red flags are addressed before your application is mailed in to avoid delays and denials.

Click here to see the poverty guideline chart

Submitted by: Becky G. of Houston, Texas, USA

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