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Follow these 11 essential steps to help you complete your TN Visa Application

    Minimum Income Requirement for K1 Visas and K3 Visas

    During your K1/K3 Visa Application process you and your foreign fiancé(e) will be required to show proof of financial support (I-864/I-134). USCIS wants to ensure that your foreign fiancé(e) does not become a “public charge” requiring welfare assistance once they arrive in the U.S. In most cases, the US Embassy will request I-134 Form – Affidavit of Support from your fiancé(e) to show you are earning enough income to support them.

    To determine if you are earning sufficient income, you must meet the minimum income requirement which is the100% Poverty Guidelines set by the U.S. Congress every February.

    Minimum Income Requirement for Adjustment of Status

    For your Adjustment of Status application, you will also need to show proof of financial support. USCIS wants to ensure you can support your wife and requires the minimum requirement to be 125% of the Poverty Guideline.

    The 2018 Poverty Guidelines Chart

    These are the 2018 Poverty Guidelines for the the 48 Contiguous States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Guam.

    These are the 2018 Poverty Guidelines released on March 01, 2018.

    2018 Poverty Guidelines

    Size of Family Unit 100% Poverty Guideline 125% of Poverty Guideline
    2 $ 16,460 $ 20,575
    3 $ 20,780 $ 25,975
    4 $ 25,100 $ 31,375
    5 $ 29,420 $ 36,775
    6 $ 33,740 $ 42,175
    7 $ 38,060 $ 47,575
    8 $ 42,380 $ 52,975

    2018 Poverty Guidelines for Alaska

    Size of Family Unit 100% Poverty Guideline 125% of Poverty Guideline
    2 $ 20,580 $ 25,725
    3 $ 25,980 $ 32,475
    4 $ 31,380 $ 39,225
    5 $ 36,780 $ 45,975
    6 $ 42,180 $ 52,725
    7 $ 47,580 $ 59,475
    8 $ 52,980 $ 66,225

    2018 Poverty Guidelines for Hawaii

    Size of Family Unit 100% Poverty Guideline 125% of Poverty Guideline
    2 $ 18,930 $ 23,662
    3 $ 23,900 $ 29,875
    4 $ 28,870 $ 36,087
    5 $ 33,840 $ 42,300
    6 $ 38,810 $ 48,512
    7 $ 43,780 $ 54,725
    8 $ 48,750 $ 60,937

    How to Read the Data Tables

    Implications for your K1 Visa and Adjustment of Status

    Strangely enough there are different minimum income requirements for your K1 Visa and your Adjustment of Status Application. For the K1 Visa Application, the requirement is 100% of the Poverty Guideline. For the Adjustment of Status Application the requirement is 125% of the Poverty Guideline.

    This means when you apply for your fiancé’s K1 Visa you may meet the 100% minimum income requirement, but the following year, after you get married and apply for Adjustment of Status, your income requirement will be increased to 125%. So plan ahead.

    What to Do if You Do Not Meet the Poverty Guideline?

    If you do not meet the minimum poverty guideline, you can still apply for the K1 Fiancé(e) Visa or the Adjustment of Status. You may have a joint sponsor. A joint sponsor/co-sponsor is usually a family member whose income meets the minimum income requirement. You have to ensure you have the complete supporting documentation for this situation to avoid raising any red flags that can delay the processing of your case.

    Contact us to help you with this special situation so you can still obtain your K1/K3 visa or Adjustment of Status without any issues.

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