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Solutions That Help You into The United States
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TN (TN1) Visa Requirements for Nurses

To qualify as a professional under NAFTA you must meet the following basic criteria/requirements:

  • You are a Canadian, Mexican or U.S. citizen.
  • You are a registered nurse with a state/provincial license or a Nursing degree.
  • You have been offered a job from a U.S. or Canadian employer.
  • You have your VisaScreen certification.
  • You may require a temporary or permanent registered nursing license for the state/province you intend to work in.

If you are a Mexican national, you are required to complete the English proficiency Exam. Canadian and U.S. nurses do not require this exam.

TN Visa Nurses – Be Prepared for the Border

Increased security concerns have the Immigration Officers scrutinizing TN Visa Applications. To be successful, ensure you have all the correct documentation, original documentation, the necessary copies and you are prepared for the border interview. The Immigration Officer may begin asking you various questions to determine if you qualify for the TN Visa. Be prepared. The TN Visa Application Kit will prepare you for all of this.

Remember, even if you have a valid TN Visa Application, you can be denied if you are not prepared for the border interview.

VisaScreen for Nurses – The Essentials

The purpose of the VisaScreen program is to provide a screening program which meets all federal requirements for international healthcare professionals seeking an occupational visa in the United States, irrespective of where the professional education was completed.

1. Complete the VisaScreen Application Form. It will:

  • Assess your education
  • Verify all your Licenses
  • As a nurse, you have earned CGFNS Certificate or passed the NCLEX-RN exam
  • Have the appropriate English proficiency level (Canadians are exempt).

Note: Registered Nurses should use code 012 for the Health Profession Code on Item 10 for the VisaScreen Application.

Obtain additional details of the VisaScreen for HealthCare Professionals here.

2. Make a copy of the VisaScreen Application and all enclosed documents.

3. Include your payment in your Application.

4. Mail Application to:

3600 Market Street, Suite 400
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2665 USA

5. Prepare your TN Visa Application. Obtain the TN Visa Application Kit.

6. Apply for your TN Visa with your TN Visa Application and your VisaScreen Certificate.

7. Begin working in the U.S.

Ensure You Have a Nursing Job That Pays Well

In today’s market, Nurses are in demand. Unfortunately, many recruiters are taking advantage of this and not ensuring their nurses are being paid the best price possible. Ensure you have nursing job that is paying you fair market value and you have all the medical benefits so you never have to worry.